Trump disrupting Nato, deliberately destabilising governments in Germany and Britain, attacking the London Lord Mayor and cosying up to Putin and Kim Yong Un – is there something more sinister to it?

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

The United States is under attack.

It is not an attack with bombs or airplanes. No one has been killed and property has not been damaged. It is, however, an attack on the most valuable thing that we have, something over a million people have gladly given their lives in the past to protect – our democracy.

This is a highly coordinated and sustained attack by a foreign power. It is still ongoing, and appears to have gradually grown more sophisticated over a period of years. There is reason to believe that will continue unless it is stopped.

Denial of this attack and the perpetrators who we certainly know are carrying it out, Vladimir Putin’s Russia, is hindering our response to this attack and making our democracy more vulnerable. That this effort to thwart our defenses and distract the public’s attention away from the threat comes from the very top…

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2 thoughts on “Treason

  1. OK, here we go and isn’t it appropriately obvious like joining up the dots, that the Leftist brigade would be slightly putout by a supposed Republican (although he really isn’t) taking bold steps towards world peace.
    Nato need pulling up considering their disgraceful behavior with Operation Gladio as well of their support for ISIS. A guy like Trump would be on their backs about that on every given opportunity.
    This piece is just dumb-end.

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