The Gordian Fetish – My new Sci-fi novel – released under the pen-name Ron Forsythe.

This is an attempt to separate out my books into different genres.

Opher's World

I have decided to separate my books out into distinct genres. Ron Forsythe is a pen name for my Sci-fi work. The name comes from my father’s name coupled with my grandmother’s surname.

I will release my six best Sci-fi books under this name and set up a new blog under the Ron Forsythe name that will solely feature those books and nothing else.

So this is the first release.

The Gordian Fetish.

I am very pleased with the novel. It has a light, humorous touch yet deals with many serious issues.

It can be purchased in both paperback and digital versions:

In the UK:

In the USA:

Elsewhere in the world – please check with your local Amazon or Ebay.

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