The 1968 Comeback Special

It certainly was good to see that Elvis still had some fuel in the tank after a decade of poor output and terrible film performances.
This was an older Elvis, a lot heavier and not nearly so lithe but none the less a return to some form.

Old time rock and roll

In the years leading up to what would be remembered as his ’68 Comeback Special, Elvis Presley had drastically altered the music world with his unmatched Rock N’ Roll music, rebellious demeanor, and shocking hip centric dance moves. He had joined the Army, married Priscilla, and begun what would become an extensive career in the Hollywood movie industry. Similarly, within these years, America had loyally celebrated Presley and other 1950’s rockers, but had since developed a deep infatuation with the British Invasion and Beatlemania. To say Presley was no longer at the top of his game would remain a massive falsity, but, to elude to that fact that the public may have needed a reminder for who the king of Rock N’ Roll was… Now that, that may hold truth.

Initially, the Comeback Special was meant to be nothing more than a televised Christmas special initiated by Elvis’ manager, Colonel…

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