Troll Alert!

I find that quote really interesting because it contains so much. It is a commentary on those who do not think for themselves but rather live their lives going with the flow and allowing the mainstream propaganda to flow over them unmolested by questioning. It also is about those who would actively seek to control you, negate your views and belittle you. It also has that element of civilisation which is about quelling your natural rebellious thoughts so that you fit into your slot in society and become tame.
I like that.
It always seems to me that the most dangerous relationships are from those who almost think the same but are slightly different. They like the same things but not quite the same. They can’t stand for someone to have a different opinion to themselves and so have to quash it. They are like the venom of derby matches, the hatred of Shia and Sunni or the rivalry within some families. They are filled with a desire to destroy at all costs. It is what pulls political parties apart.

a nomad in cyberspace

“Either you think, or else others have to think for you and take power from you, pervert and discipline your natural tastes, civilize and sterilize you.”

This quotation from Scott Fitzgerald’s novel Tender Is The Night is really resonating with me at the moment. In recent posts I’ve explored ideas about how improvisation and originality could counter a spreading culture of fixed thinking and received opinion. Cyberspace has become a virtual battlefield where a multitude of rival ideologies compete for our attention.

That some may be indisciplined and uncivilized doesn’t really lessen the thrust of Fitzgerald’s maxim. It may even speak louder in our internet era.

As social animals we naturally internalise cultural conflict but I suspect our solitary online existence makes it harder for us to process so much disparate input. Simply put, when do we get to talk about stuff these days? Evolution has made us…

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8 thoughts on “Troll Alert!

  1. Could one potentially be accused of being a troll if they were just to mention his name should be written as with an F. at the beginning, otherwise a google may lead the reader towards some singer/footballer/boxer.

    If this post is an American thing, I wouldn’t give it any substance. So few of them ever learned the art of discussion or debate. Within mere seconds they’re exchanging insults. A generalisation, yes, but too true all the same.

  2. No I do not think that pointing out the missing F could be considered trolling but I would consider it a trifle pernickety, wouldn’t you?
    The post did not originate in the States but I have had experience of the way some Americas are prone to slinging about personal abuse.

      1. I don’t really think it would make a great deal of difference. I just tried it and the first thing that came up was F Scott-Fitzgerald. But I see your point.

      2. Haha, you’ve tricked yourself because you already know. So when you type into google Scott Fitzgerald, do you see F. Scott Fitzgerald – writer on the screen? No you don’t, and are given a list of sundry Scott Fitzgerald’s as singers, footballers and boxers. The first thing on that list is Scott Fitzgerald – quotes, which could be the quotes of a footballer, right?
        Also, as per these website archives, many operate their listings on the first initial basis, therefore, you’d be struggling to find him immediately.

    1. Not the first because what you did was press entry into google. I’m referring to what’s immediately in front of you having typed in the name. See what I mean now?

      I use google chrome, and the first listing is for Fitzgerald Scott, in that order, no hyphen. Where is this hyphen? R U winding me up here?

  3. Wha? You mean there’s no hyphen? OK – I don’t use chrome. But when I put Scott Fitzgerald in google the first thing it comes up with is F. They do appear to be short of a hyphen.

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