That Time Eric Clapton Recorded with The Beatles

These little anecdotes about the Beatles are very revealing. George did feel resentment at being pushed aside. Such a shame that Lennon’s murder precluded a second flourishing.

Old time rock and roll

“Oh, no – I can’t do that. Nobody’s ever played on a Beatles record,” exclaimed Eric Clapton when close friend, George Harrison initially pitched him the idea of playing  guitar on his latest track for the Beatles highly anticipated record, the White Album. Clapton’s shocking response was something most anyone could relate to, thrilled at the proposal, but frightened by the possible repercussions.

The Beatles in the late 1960’s were untouchable, a foursome that could not be tampered with, and no one, not even the celebrated Eric Clapton, wanted to risk being the individual who could potentially rock the beloved Beatles boat. Oddly enough, the truth was, the boat had already begun rocking far before Harrison’s gutsy proposition.

For a multitude of reasons, possibly a debate for a different day, the fab four weren’t behaving so fab towards one another. These interactions left Harrison under the distinct impression that…

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