Kalevala – a Finnish Creation Epic

I love these creation myths. Every culture has one. There is something inherent in human beings that we try to make sense of life and the universe.

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Yesterday I posted about the Australian Aboriginal songlines. Today, I offer you another form of creation myth from across the other side of the world, Finland. My birth country and my homeland heritage.

Kalevala 1 - posted

Fifty songs divided into 22,795 verses. Can you imagine how looong that is?!  I can. I ploughed my way through it over a few years. One bite at a time. I will have to admit it’s a tad tedious.  The Kalevala, a significant national Finnish epic, was first published in 1849. Written by Elias Lönnrot, physician, philologist and collector of traditional  oral poetry from Karelian and Finnish folklore and mythology, his research included eleven field trips over a decade venturing as far afield as Russia. It’s metre is a form of trochaic tetrameter that is known as the Kalevala metre. The poetry is often performed as a singing duel’  sung by a duo, sometimes with…

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