The Rockabilly Revival

A very detailed and well-crafted article on the Stray Cats and Rockabilly Revival.

Old time rock and roll

30 years after its conception, Rock N’ Roll music had under gone a hand full of metamorphoses. From glitzy glam rock to soul soothing folk rock, interpretations of the 1950’s genre were erupting the charts, crafting Rock N’ Roll into a vast catalog, and presenting sub-genre’s suitable for just about any listener. Rock N’ Roll music had been shipped across the world, experimented through the lens of different cultures, and enjoyed by people of all ages.

By the early 1980’s, the most shocking and fresh sound a rocker could produce would be to hearken back to those seemingly prehistoric, bare bones, hollow body guitar, upright bass, stripped down drum kit, simple, yet thrilling, days.

Enter, the Stray Cats.

Initially infatuated by the jamming sounds of the Beatles and Rolling Stones, a young Brian Setzer (lead guitarist and vocalist for the Stray Cats) wrongly assumed that the Beatles, “Honey Don’t” had…

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