Something New #3

Well starting with Lennon and ending with Beefheart what could be better? Just be yourself that’s original enough!!

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If John Lennon was hard on other people, he was harder on himself. But he was never Nowhere Man. Today it’s his radiant honesty that’s remembered, a shining sincerity that sometimes got him into trouble but more often – and especially since the senseless tragedy of his early death – won the much longer battle of hearts and minds.

Lennon’s originality lay, I think, in his capacity to touch a raw nerve. There was no formula, no going through the motions. His music always retained an improvised edge.

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Lesser artists are often shameless crowd-pleasers. The great ones are themselves usually their own toughest audience. They lead rather than follow taste because what they give us has come through such rigorous quality testing. And the most important quality is authenticity.

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Image result for originality quotesIs it too far-fetched, I wonder, to compare artistic originality with escapology – the evasion of constraints to liberate the…

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3 thoughts on “Something New #3

  1. That’s quite obviously your very own interpretation and some amount of confusion and misunderstanding – that being he was never a Nowhere Man.
    He was actually – from 1973 to 1979.
    Whoever thought there was no formula and no going through the motions cannot surely have ever heard anything of the 50 hours of practice and demo tapes that he recorded.
    This post is total bullshit!

    1. No Johnny – you are totally wrong. He was never a nowhere man. During that time he was merely avoiding the limelight and enjoying being with his son Sean as a house father. That’s far from nowhere.
      As for the 50 hours of practice – released as a bootleg – which I have listened to; it was a mixed bag. Personally I don’t rave about much he did after the album Imagine but that does not make him a nowhere man by any means. He was just getting back into it when he was shot down. You are much too cynical and harsh.

      1. Oh not another case where the belief is of a wholesome family life house father bringing up child and baking bread etc. That BBC Andy Peebles interview has a lot to do with it. People believe anything.

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