John’s Believe It Or Not… February 11th

John gives us all another batch of great history! It is always fascinating, teaches you new things and reminds you of great moments in the past.
Emma Goldman and Nelson Mandela stood out for me. Emma was a firebrand wasn’t she? My sort of woman – a person who wasn’t afraid to speak out for what she believed and stand up to be counted.
If only Nelson Mandela’s great legacy had been honoured by the likes of Zuma South Africa would be a better place. The corruption lives on and the amazing Mandela is forgotten.

Words To Captivate ~ by John Fioravanti

It’s Sunday! Did You Know…

* 1869 – Patrick Whelan Hanged for the Murder of D’Arcy McGee.

Patrick James Whelan, convicted murderer, tailor (born c. 1840 near Dublin, Ireland; died 11 February 1869 in Ottawa, ON). Whelan was arrested for the April 1868 assassination of Member of Parliament and Father of Confederation Thomas D’Arcy McGee. He was convicted in September 1868 and sentenced to death. The authorities suspected that Whelan carried out a Fenian conspiracy to murder McGee and promptly arrested him within 24 hours of the murder; however, it was never fully proved that Whelan was acting as a Fenian sympathizer. Whelan maintained his innocence throughout his trial and until he was hanged publicly in Ottawa in early 1869. There is room for reasonable doubt as to whether Whelan did in fact murder McGee or was simply part of a group of people who did. McGee was the only federal…

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