The New Rules of Presidential Etiquette

The scary part is that so many people voted for Trump!! Obama had class!!

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For eight years, the Republicans gave President Barack Obama and his family grief.  I’m not even talking policy here, not talking about ACA, Afghanistan, Gitmo, or any of a thousand other issues.  I am talking style, demeanor, etiquette.  Just a few examples:

  • For a time, during the 2008 campaign, before Obama was even elected, he was criticized for not wearing the flag lapel pin that all candidates wear to signal their patriotism, even as they are lying through their teeth. Obama stated in 2007 that he felt the wearing of the lapel pin had become a substitute for true patriotism, but to hear the republicans, why he might as well have been an axe murderer.
  • During a White House press briefing in 2014, President Obama had the unmitigated gall to … GASP … wear a tan-coloured suit! He might just as well have come to the briefing in his flannel…

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3 thoughts on “The New Rules of Presidential Etiquette

      1. Nastiness that has entered politics? Like it just arrived? Heaven’s above, what can one say to that.
        Well, blinkered naivety may be a good start. It’s been there since day one or at least since the Whitehouse and Senate was founded. Remember what happened to Lincoln, or wasn’t that classed as “nastiness”?
        Any anti-Obama reaction was long overdue as he was a puppet’s turkey. A stranger in a strange land without an inkling as regards “etiquette”.
        A very long eight years of absolutely nothing. Except of course his wife’s extensive wardrobe expenditure and face lifts.
        Any racism was there from the get go from the moment his name cropped up.
        Nobody remember the “who is this Muslim guy” malarky?
        His public speaking ability was a disaster and almost on a par with Bush Jr.
        People notice that and very quickly start the ridicule.

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