The Story Behind, “Blue Suede Shoes”

If only they hadn’t had that crash Carl might have been the leading light in Rock ‘n’ Roll!!

Old time rock and roll

In 1955, up and coming musician Johnny Cash pitched a song idea to friend and fellow newcomer, Carl Perkins. Perkins, who had made some what of a name for himself in the country western genre, was due for a hit and aspiring to exude a more rockabilly sound. Cash divulged a tale from his Air Force days, about a comrade named C.V. Write. Write was an energetic man that once told Cash while getting dressed for a three-day pass, that his black shoes were actually blue suede. He would exclaim, ‘Man! Don’t step on my blue suede shoes; I’m goin’ out tonight.’

Unsure of the subject matter and claiming, “I don’t know nothin’ about them shoes,” Perkins did not head straight to the studio with a fresh, inspired tune. Instead, it took a second encounter with fate for Perkins to realize his blue suede fortune. Perkins found himself a short time later…

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