6 thoughts on “Streets of London

    1. I do think that with the wealth that exists on this planet it really is an indictment of the rich that such a terrible inequality is allowed to persist.

  1. Hey Opher, Namaste 🙂

    It’s good to feel the warmth of friendship and like-mindedness thaw frozen flesh and bone. Welcome back to our frosted hovel. Thank you for re-blogging and promoting this campaign to a wider audience. Gallybloggers think it is an excellent means of raising money very quickly for the Homeless: and especially at this cruel cool end of the year when the likelihood of further hardship and suffering increases dramatically, not least because of the weather.

    Gallybloggers presented their response in the preamble above and stand firmly by all that has been said. Under the current Conservative Government Homelessness has grown exponentially across the UK and continues to do so. Austerity has compounded the problem and created a sick damaged and ailing UK where socio-economic conditions are directly responsible for the wilful destruction and devastation of peoples lives, for the loss of their homes, for the constriction and restriction of Social Security provision, for increases in child poverty, for escalation in incidents of racism and social tension, and for placing individuals into very black corners where because of neglect by this government they take their own lives. The People really have had enough of being pissed on by Theresa May. She is personally responsible for dragging the UK down into a rat-invested sewer brimming full with gutter-minded policies.

    Gallybloggers have read of very recent initiatives throughout the UK that are aimed directly at the Homeless including one launched by the Mayor of London and involving a dozen or so major charities acting together to facilitate the erection of temporary shelters throughout the city. The ‘promise’ is that the shelters will remain throughout the winter period and be available on all nights when temperatures plummet below freezing. Gallybloggers applaud this response and urge other authorities in major towns and cities to do exactly the same…perhaps vastly over-paid Councillors will donate large amounts from their fat salaries to help the cause that they have also ignored repeatedly whilst furnishing their own offices with luxury. The public will not tolerate another Homeless person dying in the UK as a result of Government policy or Local Authority incompetency. The response in London is but one small step closer to compassion (in politics)… but IT IS FAR TOO LITTLE TOO LATE! Gallybloggers imagine the initiative was socially led rather than being initiated by the Tories. Homelessness is not simply an issue to be addressed locally: the root causes of Homelessness are inspired by Government policy that promotes capitalism and elitism at the expense of all else that is moral, ethical, and humane. If something cannot be exploited for money then it is seen as a drain on the economy: and that very sadly includes people’s lives, but not we note the lives of multimillionaire politicians….there will never be any breaking news of a Homeless Politician who has frozen to death sleeping rough overnight, starved to death or else been burnt alive in their tent.

    Homelessness has been growing in front of this government’s eyes for years during which time they have developed more and more policies to remove more and more money from people’s lives and knowingly exacerbate the problem further. There actions have been intended, deliberate, wilful and persistent; amongst the Gallybloggers that suggest premeditation. It is the exact same fascist philosophy that has repeatedly discriminated against those with Mental Health disorders when being assessed for benefit and/or denied full-awards when Mental Health is not considered eligible criteria for benefit. For all-intents-and-purposes Gallyblogers feel that this government has carried out a form of discreet social engineering bordering on a type of cleansing…one where money is weaponised and used to sacrifice the most vulnerable in society so as to appease the Satanic godless god of filthy Money.

    Gallybloggers find it a ludicrously ironic when Politicians make statements to the press suggesting they are being hounded or abused by journalists and the public. What the fecking hell do they expect people to do when people are dying on the streets of the UK in 2017.. It staggers belief…are politicians really that fecking stupid that they cannot see why the public are pissed off and ready for major Social Revolution? Well they won’t have long to wait before they have no choice other than to see the Red Revolution take over at Number 10 and put the Death Star (1) to the sword. Go Jeremy Corbyn!! Ra Ra Ra!

    Come the glorious day Comrade Opher, and once we have thawed out, we will be only to willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with you brother celebrating victory at the polls and the beginning of a Red Revolution of Love for the World.

    Peace. Namaste 🙂

    DN and Raven’s 12

    (1) – Death Star ~ A poem by Master Jedi ~ https://bwbachandtheraven.wordpress.com/2017/12/16/death-star/

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