Help legal fight vs Tories’ attempt to ‘americanise’ #NHS. #ToryWinterCrisis

This is disgusting. The Tories continue their process of destroying public services so that they can sell education and the NHS off to their rich chums. As the Academies grow and private companies move in like vulture. We’ve already had farcical privatisation of Forensics. Why would we want rich people making money out of our health and the education of our children?



The NHS is once again teetering on the brink of collapse because of underfunding and understaffing and is likely to eclipse last year’s record winter crisis.

The Tories. even this chaotic government, know that winter comes around once a year, but have again failed to take any of the needed steps to prevent it – Jeremy Hunt instead prefers to repeat lies and attempt cockiness on social media with people who know better than him.

NHS campaigners have long asserted that this is because collapse is the plan – a plan made before the Tories were even in power – in order to prepare the NHS for further break-up and privatisation – with the ultimate goal of reducing us to the horror of a US-style healthcare system. And it seems the Tories are moving to the next phase – the endgame? – of their plan with the imposition of…

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