Lancashire Cotton Famine – Support for anti-slavery!

There have always been fair-minded people of all races who have stood up against injustice even when it severely hurt them.

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In 1862 Lancashire was the world’s leading cotton producer. It took in cotton from the South of America and processed it into cloth in its mills. It made Britain prosperous. The mills produced 40% of the countries GDP. Manchester was the centre of the world.

The cotton would come in to Liverpool and be transported to the mills in Manchester. It provided the single greatest amount of work in Britain.

At the height of the American civil war the confederacy stopped the export of cotton. They wanted to force Britain to come in on the side of the confederacy. They miscalculated.

The Mill owners and Lancashire workers were united. They refused to join the confederacy on the basis that it was morally reprehensible to use slave labour (over a million black slaves were used in the Southern fields). The Confederacy saw slavery as the backbone of its economy. The Union…

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2 thoughts on “Lancashire Cotton Famine – Support for anti-slavery!

    1. Thanks Pablo – I think we have a sense of justice and fairness and are willing to stand up for what we believe. Our history is full of it.

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