My beliefs – The creation of life.

Life is a wonder.

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The creation of life

Isn’t that amazing?

We seem to be on a planet with a vast array of other living animals and plants. Of course – I could be dreaming it!

Over billions of years organic molecules accumulated in the seas and joined together. The building blocks of protein, ribonucleic acid, carbohydrates and lipids bonded together and the first organism came into being.

From that first simple organism, through a series of evolutionary steps, all life evolved.

As a biologist I can appreciate the chemistry involved and the way these steps might have occurred. I can see why people find it incredible to understand. It is remarkable, stupendous and amazingly unlikely.

Yet it happened. Somehow it happened.

Given billions of years and the infinity of space I believe anything that is possible to happen will happen.

Yet the creation of life is stupendous.

Given more stars and planets than…

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