3 thoughts on “Tom Robinson – Better Decide Which Side You’re On – Angry Political Lyrics from Thatcher’s intolerant, divisive politics.

  1. Strange commentary to be making given that Labour were in government at the time this was released in May 1978. Thatcher didn’t become PM until May `79.
    A lot of people hated Labour for what they did to Britain in the 70’s, and Robinson was just one of them.

      1. Who ever wrote a song about a Shadow Govt.?
        It’s also a most myopic take to automatically exploit and confuse subjective reference to what “Right” refers to, considering that when Thatcher formed her govt. – having won a general election in the midst of the post-Punk fall-out, some members were homosexual, which bombs that anti-gay nonsense.
        Your memory of the state of affairs in 70’s Britain under Labour is shot.
        Did you seriously think that these gangs of gay-bashing skinheads were Tory voters?
        I very much doubt and it’s patently obvious actually considering his input into social reforms that Robinson hadn’t much of a clue about Keith Joseph.
        As for Whitehouse, she was just a working class mouthpiece for the puritanical.
        I’ve no idea who Reed was (he wasn’t a shadow cabinet member).

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