The Blues Muse – Nellcote – The South of France.

Exile on Main Street – the best Stones album that came out of their decadent escapades in France.

Opher's World

This is a patchwork of a novel that meanders through space and time to tell the story of Rock Music and put it in context with the world around it. It breathes excitement.


Nellcote – South of France

That was when Mick contacted me. They were splitting. Things were not at all good. I listened as he rambled on. He seemed very down and disturbed. They were still reeling from the Altamont fallout. The press had pointed the finger at the Stones, accusing them of being decadent, arrogant and stupid; as if they were to blame for Meredith’s death and the end of the sixties counterculture dream. It hurt. Marianne Faithful had nearly died from an overdose and, although they were estranged, it had affected Mick a lot. Then there was the constant harrying by the establishment in Britain and the obnoxious sniping British press. It looked like they were…

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