Fugs – Wide Wide River – meaningful river about politics and the mess they make that we have to live in.

We’re in the shit right now – as long as May tries to brazen it out with her credibility shot to pieces, the right wing on her back and a yawning chasm opening up.

Opher's World


I thought this was appropriate in this election year. The Fugs were a highly political and cynical band. I loved their anarchy, madness and enthusiasm. They just did it.

There were no holds barred and no subjects too extreme. The Fugs were a law unto themselves. This song is about the mess that politicians have made of society. We live in the mess they create for us and it could be so much better.

If humanity stopped wasting most of its resources on war, greed and power and started dealing with the real issues of poverty, inequality, environmental destruction and overpopulation we could have a brilliant life for everyone. They’d rather have power for themselves.

I thought it was most appropriate at this time with the telling line: ‘Where you end up voting for the lesser of two evils?’

The hypocrisy and stupid lies of politicians shine down through the annals…

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