Austerity!!! Aren’t we all sick of the way austerity is being used as an excuse to promote Tory dogma!

We are being conned!!

Opher's World

We have been told we’re all in it together – yet we still see the politicians, bankers and bosses getting tax cuts and bonuses while working people have salary cuts, freezes and worsening conditions.

We see public services decimated, schools and health services castigated. We see women’s refuges, libraries and support services shut.

We see the smoke and mirrors deployed to obfuscate the issues. We see the media (owned and run by Tories) deployed to use double-speak. It’s very Orwellian. Immigration is highlighted as the cause of the problem in the usual right-wing rhetoric.

Yet even with everyone being hammered in this way the government is borrowing more than ever and there is another series of cuts on the cards. Seemingly we ordinary people are not suffering enough! We are not doing our bit! While the rich become more and more bloated creating an obscene London based housing bubble.

I’m sick…

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