Theresa May – Trump and Erdoğan’s Poodle.

Mrs Wibbly Wobbly is the only leader not to sign the letter condemning Trump’s betrayal of the world. The climate denier supports the destruction of the environment and May is his moll.

Opher's World

Brexit has left such a huge gaping hole in the future British economy that it has sent a desperate Theresa May sailing into the arms of tyrants like Erdogan and Trump. You can see it in her face. She is so desperate to strike up a trade deal that she’ll say and do anything.

Sucking up to unpleasant characters and regimes is a desperate measure. It clearly shows what a weak position she is coming from.

We saw Tony Blair doing the same thing with Bush. He was Bush’s poodle but at least they didn’t hold hands!

What has Britain become?

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