Featured book – Anthropocene Apocalypse – the blurb

The environment and the protection of wildlife has to be the most important issue of all!!
I have just travelled the world – so many animals are on the verge of extinction; places which teemed with life are now deserts. We are destroying everything.
Trump and May – WAKE UP!!!

Opher's World


For anybody who cares for nature this book is a must. This is written by somebody who loves animals in the wild and despairs at the degradation of the environment that he has witnessed first-hand in his life-time. You reel at the cruelty and thoughtlessness, the stupidity and crass superstition. You boggle at the numbers of this mad population explosion that is to blame. You can see the panic setting in as we career towards an inevitable human catastrophe.
Yet it is not all doom and gloom. The passion rips through your heart and the fury saddens you. But also in there is the ecstasy and love of the wonder that is this planet with its bountiful treasure-trove of nature.
We write so that it may not come true.
This book is not a mass of scientific facts or boggling information; it is one mans view from the vantage point…

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