Anthropocene Apocalypse – we take for granted the things around us. We won’t miss it until it’s gone.

Its a dire future. Trump is making a major mess up.

Opher's World

happy-birthday-earthSexton Beetle (Necroporus humator) lying on its back, shamming dead.forestpalm-oil-plantation

We make assumptions that the world around us will remain as it is whatever we do to the life on it. We create Sci-Fi visions of the future in which we continue to live in vast numbers in massive urban conurbations where all other life has been eradicated.

This is not possible.

We breathe in – we breathe out. The oxygen we take in is all produced by green plants. The carbon dioxide we breathe out is converted into sugar, protein and fat by green plants. If we chop down the forests and pollute the oceans so that we poison the algae we are turning off the oxygen tap in the intensive care ward.

Without green plants there will be no oxygen to breathe.

Without green plants the carbon dioxide will build up in the atmosphere creating a runaway greenhouse effect similar to that of Venus where the surface temperature…

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