Poetry – Dragon’s Breath.

I thought this poem was appropriate for Kimodo.

Opher's World


Feel the dragon in your blood

Breathe his fire upon your will

As we clothe ourselves

Beneath the covers of infinity

Damson blossom drifts across

The windows of our sill

While dappled ladies stroll

Beneath the Spring embellished trees

Whispering of what will be……….

I dream of fairy castles in the clouds

And unicorns to gambol in the mists of days to come

When sweet smiles adorn the silken lips

And all our days are one

Building for a life of wonder

Building for perfection

Step by step with progress slow

For our dreams require protection

Together we can haul ourselves

Up into the light

Together is much better

Than drowning in the fight

Feel the dragon’s breath in vein and brain

Providing strength to challenge mystery

With naked eyes we can see magic without lies

And our dragons become as real as history.

I feel the fire

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