Perhaps the Tories should only ever be elected if they gain 40% of all the votes of the eligible electorate?

40% sounds reasonable to me. That’s not even a mandate.

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Following on from the Tory idea to shackle unions by making it illegal to strike without at least 40% of all the available workers in support of the action – when was the last time a government had 40% of the electorate voting in support of them?

A lot of ballots do not even get 40% of the people to vote – let alone for a particular party.

A representative vote is what democracy is about. To win by one vote is sufficient. If they want to change the rules then change it for national elections too. If a party cannot muster 40% of the electorate it should not be allowed to govern. Fair’s fair. This government did not win the last election. They had no mandate from the electorate yet they have forced through their cuts and austerity programme.

Obviously democracy and Tories do not go together!

The Tories…

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