Featured book – Opher’s World Tributes to Rock Geniuses – pen pictures of my favourite Rock artists

These are my views about the people I hold dear.

Opher's World

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I spent a lot of years teaching the History of Rock music in school and as an adult education class. It gave me the opportunity to play a lot of my favourite music, tell anecdotes, exchange views, listen to a lot of sounds I would not otherwise have listened to, and piece together the story of what had happened.

I started listening to Rock when I was ten years old – back in 1959. I haven’t stopped yet. I love it.

This is one of the books that came out of all that. I wanted to say a little bit about all the great Rock and R@B artists who had had such an impact on me. This is what came out – 195 tributes to all the artists and bands who’ve rocked my world. Some well known and some obscure. But they all rocked me. I’m sure there’d be a…

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