New Tory Government more ideologically dangerous than Thatcher?

So extreme. They are deflecting attention away from their plans by using the smoke-screen of Brexit.

Opher's World

wolf-in-sheep-s-clothingwolf in sheep

Thatcher was strident and divisive. She unleashed a huge divisive backlash.

Cameron is the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

If there is not sufficient opposition to this three pronged attack on democracy we will be looking effectively at a tyranny.

If the Tories control the news they control the minds.

If they bankrupt the opposition they have no opposition.

If they castrate the unions the bosses can impose what they like on ordinary working people.

If we look back through history from the Magna Carta, through the chartists, Swing riots, suffragettes, Peterloo massacre, the enclosures, slavery, Luddites, Diggers and union movement, we see that every right, every freedom, every vote, every improvement in pay and conditions has had to be fought for and paid for with blood. Many thousands of people died in order for us to have the freedoms we enjoy.

‘Find the cost of freedom buried in the ground’.

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