Butterfly net out; to catch Amy Johnson Inspired Moths

Hull – proving amazing!! Justifies its worth as City of Culture!!


Armed with a net of the internet variety, also known as the moth collector app, the journey began. It was just a short hop to the first moth, within the Diamond building, which is part of Sheffield university. It was here that Amy Johnston, studied for her degree.

It was two weeks into 2017 Hull Year of culture and it was time for a train journey to Amy’s home time in Hull. The moths habitation pre dates the start of Hull’s 2017 reign. The moths arrived  01July2016 which was Amy’s birthday; she was born in 1903. 2016 marked 75 years since Amy died when the plane she was flying crashed into the Thames just of Hermes bay in Kent, hence there is a moth there. The moths are catergorised according to location as Hull city centre moths, Hull suburbs moths, East Riding moths (the area around Hull) and National moths.

Upon arriving in Hull the…

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4 thoughts on “Butterfly net out; to catch Amy Johnson Inspired Moths

  1. Now I did wonder how Hull managed to succeed – must show these highlights to my partner, it’s where he hails from. Love those moths.

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