Phil Ochs – Links on the Chain – Lyrics about the Trade Union movement.

Unity and equality!!

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Without the Trade Unions organising the bosses abused the working man. Working people were kept in slum housing on poverty wages while the rich creamed off all the wealth and lived in huge mansions with servants.

The Trade Unions fought for a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work.

After the Unions came into existence the lot of the ordinary person was greatly improved.

It was a step in the right direction; a step towards equality.

The Trade Unions became too powerful and too silly. The restricted practices to protect their members went too far. Power corrupts.

What we need is a strong &Union Movement and responsibility. At this moment in time the inequality is too great.

Phil Ochs wrote about the rise of the Trade Union movement and how it represented the working people and brought fairness and prosperity. He wrote of how it betrayed the black people…

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12 thoughts on “Phil Ochs – Links on the Chain – Lyrics about the Trade Union movement.

  1. I think 6 posts one after the other on the same guy is somewhat immature.
    FFS Opher, you’re 67, not some silly teenage girl talking about her favourite pop star.
    So, why copy them?

      1. Just checked – people out there like them – second most popular day in the last month! Probably most popular by the end of the day!
        7600 people out there tuning in. They like Phil Ochs. They seem to like him more than Harper or Dylan! That’s good because I like him too and I would like to hear someone doing similar stuff about Trump, Brexit and the environment right now.

      2. Opher, Phil Ochs didn’t even sell that number of records.
        I don’t recall much of a running commentary about the guy.

      3. Who cares about that? I liked him and a lot of people like him too. Who cares how popular he was or how many records he sold? Damn sight better than playing Abba.

      4. Yes, I noticed that you’ve recently become quite fond of dragging other posts over from some ladies page that talks about make-up and stuff.
        What the fuck you’re doing there in the first place is anyone’s guess.
        Nobody gave a shit about Phil Ochs when he was alive.

      5. You might have noticed then that in between the make-up stuff were a number of more pertinent posts.
        Or maybe I just like make-up?
        I, and a number of other people liked Phil Ochs. We though he was brilliant. That’s why I do posts on him.

      6. Ah well, there’s no accounting for taste.
        I’m in Dylan’s camp concerning him. He was just a walking, talking newspaper, nothing of any interest or originality.
        His records are hard to sell as apparently nobody seems much interested in them.
        But there’s a whole bunch of once-upon-a-timers from that scene in US, that have also flown off the radar, too.

      7. Never mind. It wouldn’t do for us all to like the same things. After all you like Abba. If it comes to a choice between Abba and Phil Ochs there’s no contest in my mind.

      8. You’re being a bit of a stupid tosser now.
        If you care to look to see what I had said about Abba, that was that their music was actually quite complex. It wasn’t by any means pop music written by numbers. Which doesn’t actually means that I spend any time listening to it. But I have heard it on radio and TV. I never bought a record, that’s for sure. But because I can read music, I can appreciate their musical merits, which is a great deal more than that of yourself, who cannot read music, therefore cannot enjoy the complexities of musical notation.
        Hence, why you probably think that Phil Ochs had anything remotely to do with the writing of music.

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