10 thoughts on “Beatles – Piggies – Lyrics that are very appropriate in this age of greed, bankers and austerity.

    1. I regret that the social/political/spiritual content has been cut out of most popular music. We’re back to basic common denominators and not causing offense. There is no content, poetry or depth – nothing to get your teeth into, nothing to make you think, nothing to address the issues. It is all empty love and trivia. I sometimes think that mainstream popular has gone back to 1962.

      1. That’s a load of nonsense, Opher.
        You obviously aren’t clued up about what’s going on in popular music. At least haven’t been for quite some time.
        Whilst I won’t personally miss the ‘spiritual’, you will find a plethora of social and political content all over the place, in every town and city, if you know where to look.
        There’s never been so many independent records released for so many years.

        Why don’t you tune into BBC 6 Music of an evening for a change and listen to Tom Ravenscroft and find out. Or buy Record Collector magazine. Or subscribe to one of the independent record labels websites like 4AD or Rough Trade. Or subscribe to an independent retailer like Flashback Records.
        You will find subversion galore. So much you won’t know where to start with it all.

      2. I do subscribe to Record Collector and I do listen to a lot of new music. Yet to find decent subversion or worthwhile content I can get my teeth into. What I find is mainstream pop pap all around and no cohesive movement to direct the anger and fury.
        If you could suggest the best of this new decent social commentary I’ll give it a listen. I haven’t heard it yet. I’m always open to suggestions.

      3. I do not believe you when you say that you do subscribe to Record Collector.
        If that’s the case, how come you haven’t ever got a clue about new albums that are coming out, or really interesting archival releases?
        You even made the claim that you thought the Dylan Live 1966 boxset had been stopped or something when I had to inform you that it wasn’t actually going to be released until the following November.

        Or how come you never make any comments about some of the latest Captain Beefheart releases.
        Do you know how many there have been released from say, 2015?
        I bet you don’t.

      4. You call me a liar over my vinyl collection, a liar over my CDs and try to make out that all I have is MP3s, which you deride. You now call me a liar over my Record Collector subscription. Where do you come from?
        What do you want me to do? Photograph it for you?
        I think manners must be different North of the Border.
        As for Beefheart – I keep a regular check on all the new releases. Mainly reissues of live stuff I already have, some atrocious rip-offs and very little else. I have everything of worth and am watching a few live shows for when they come down in price just for completist sake.
        For your information I have (as of today) 10886 CDs, 3646 vinyl albums and a subscription to Record Collector. I have 17 Vinyl Captain Beefheart albums and 171 CDs. You need to wash your mouth out.

    2. I said I don’t believe you and I gave good reason for saying so.
      I’m sure the last time you made claims of your collection you only had about 3,000 CDs and now you have over 10,000!
      You should be more careful as some people have good memories, especially for bullshit.

      There haven’t been 171 Beefheart CDs released, Opher.
      Not even if you were to combine all the official, all the quasi-official and all the bootlegs all together, you still couldn’t come up with 171 or anything like that number. Nothing like it in fact.
      So, what exactly have you got on these 171 CDs?
      There must be mountains of repetition, that’s all I can say.

      OK let’s test this Beefheart release claim.
      1) From what source do you keep a regular check?
      2) What was the last archive release, ie the most recent?
      3) What is the next one due?
      What’s the title and when is it released?
      These are very simple questions and you shouldn’t have to struggle to answer them.

      1. Once again confused!! I have never said 3000 CDs ever. I know what I have.
        Yes – quite a bit of repetition. I know the guy who runs all the Beefheart stuff. I have as near to the complete works.
        Sorry – don’t play silly games! You archive all that.

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