Tory Plans for Schools – Privatisation and exam factories!

This is what I wrote in 2015 and it is coming to fruition. Privatisation continues apace. Judge them by their actions and not their words. They hide what they are doing behind glib pronouncements and prevarication. Theresa May says one thing while planning another. This government is extreme.

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The Tory plans for education are  – MORE OF THE SAME!!

They plan on privatising schools by creating failure and forcibly putting them in the hands of profit making syndicates of academies with vested interests (either religious bigotry or profit from kids).

They plan on force-feeding the kids to create factories of despair and failure.

Seemingly all that matters are the ones who can make the grade. The rest can be jettisoned down the big chute to the land of perpetual failure where they can be castigated and pilloried as being worthless.

Exams are important but only to a degree. Yes they can get you into higher education and a career. But there is a lot more to life and education than that!

Where is the room for creativity? Isn’t this the strength of our nation? Aren’t we master designers, inventors and creators? You don’t get that from force-feeding facts.

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4 thoughts on “Tory Plans for Schools – Privatisation and exam factories!

  1. Interesting and have just spent time with some retired NHS professionals. Political meddling has really blighted our most treasured institutions and with very little improvement in service.

    1. Politicians have been atrocious. Constantly bringing in pointless change that costs a fortune, meddling, increasing bureaucracy and providing a worse service. I agree – they have blighted the public services with their dogma!

      1. They haven’t had to deal with the rubbish spilling out of Whitehall and the countless forms and stupidity. A change a minute.

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