My own political views and why I hold them.

This is a summary of my political thinking.

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I am an environmental socialist. As such my allegiance is towards the Green Party and the Labour Party.

As the contest for power in Britain is between Labour and Conservative I would tend to focus on that rather than to support the Green party in elections.

I am a Labour supporter because:

  1. I do not support any of the Tory aims or philosophies:

  • I do not believe in god. I am an antitheist.
  • I am not a monarchist. I do not recognise the right for any persons to rule us and I do not support the huge amount of public money spent on the Royal Family. They are among the wealthiest in the world because of the assets they seized from the people of this country. They have more than enough to support themselves. They have been reduced to a quaint pageant.
  • I am not a patriot. I believe in…

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2 thoughts on “My own political views and why I hold them.

  1. This is belated I am afraid, but I do wish you and your Wife a very Happy New Year, may 2017 prove to be all you wish it to be. I know you had mentioned moving into your new Home hopefully before Christmas. If you did I hope all went well for you. I know how moving is so distressful especially prior to Christmas – in my case one week, never again. I wish you lots of happiness in your New Home, and that you “Sleep Warm”. All the very best – Anna.

    1. Thank you for that Anna. And I wish you and yours a great 2017. I hope you get your health problems sorted so that you can achieve that dream, of going to San Francisco!
      Yes – we’ve had a couple of months of extreme stress and hard work but we are bought and sold and moved in. A very hectic stressful Christmas. Still lots to do. Hopefully it will all be sorted in the ensuing months. Thanks for asking. We’ll both be glad when it’s all settled back to normality!

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