The Birds – A British Beat Group featuring a young Ronnie Wood.

That new Stones album!!!

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In search of Captain Beefheart cover

I saw Ronnie featured on the One Show yesterday and it took me back.

Ronnie is releasing a book of his diaries from the beginning. He started off in a Beat Group called the Birds before moving on to the Faces and then the Stones.

It took me back to a small club in the town of Walton on Thames called the Walton Palais. It was where I saw my first two live bands – The Birds and the following week Them (With Van Morrison). It was the start of a life-time of gigging.

That first gig was the most magical night I can recall. The Birds were a revelation. The atmosphere was incredible and I was transported. I had never felt such excitement. I witnessed a knife-fight, sex on the stairs and one of the most pulsating evenings ever. It certainly whetted my appetite.

I wish I could say…

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