Poetry – Miracles and Wonders – A poem about science and technology.

I thought this poem of awe, wonder and mystery deserved another outing. We humans are amazing when we are positive.

Opher's World


Presenting science to people who have not seen it before would be the same as presenting magic.

Technology harnesses the knowledge of science to create pragmatic solutions. It makes the impossible an everyday event.

How quickly we accept the wonders given to us by science and technology. They transform our lives but we no longer accept them as miracles.

Yet every day is a miracle. The universe is a wonder.

Science is unlocking understanding on an ever widening front. Its rate is incredible. The world we live in has no comparison with the world of a mere hundred years ago. That is not due to prayer it is due to science and technology.

Yet the wonders we work with are only beginning to be understood. The densest solid has a billion times more space than matter. The forces that make the world solid are still barely understood. We have learn…

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3 thoughts on “Poetry – Miracles and Wonders – A poem about science and technology.

    1. For me it would have to be some force equivalent to nuclear energy that holds the atoms and universe together – something that runs through us all and connects us – not a god or conscious being – something universal but more of a flow.

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