They called him Possum

I loved this tale that Raili put out. There are many times when I feel I would have loved to have roamed wild without all the trappings of society. A natural life in tune with nature. Sounds great.

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Every now and then I come across something really interesting and intriguing. This is one of those.
Last Sunday’s newspaper featured a two page spread  about David James ‘Possum’.  His is really  a most remarkable story.
Born in New Zealand’s South Island to a sheep farming couple in 1901. Possum  quit school at age 14 to work on the family farm.   He moved to Australia sometime in the  1920’s. Being unable to pay his union fees in 1929, he found himself out of work. Averse  to accepting or living on charity, Possum walked off into the bush. And that is where he stayed for the rest of his life.  He lived on his wits, skills and experience.  His body was found in August 1982 by a bush near the Murray River.
During hot summer nights he had a habit of sleeping in the fork of a tree, earning him…

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