The American political system is broken – The Washington Post

It would appear to me that the democratic system has always been hopelessly flawed and is getting worse. Democracy requires unbiased information from the media and experts, a franchised well-educated population and a debate about issues leading to a vote where the majority wins. This was far from a democratic process on many levels. We have a pretence of democracy.
With the Brexit vote we had misinformation, a biased media pushing propaganda, lies, a politically uneducated population, no scrutiny of information and issues and a bunch of politicians all pushing their own agenda and dogma. The Brexiteers were obfuscating the issues because of their hatred of Europe not because of what was best for the country.
In the USA there was a clear obstruction of ethnic minorities voting and the same set of lies and populist promises which had no hope of being met. The person who got the largest vote lost.
This is democracy? I think not.
I am always left with despair at a political system that provides representative democracy. Most votes (in safe seats) count for nothing and there are no parties political agendas that I totally agree with. We have a binary vote yet when elected by a minority of the population the winners say they have a mandate to put into practice all the policies outlined in their manifesto. This is clearly nonsense.
This is not democracy and never has been.


Representative democracy in the United States seems further hollowed out with every election cycle.

Source: The American political system is broken – The Washington Post

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2 thoughts on “The American political system is broken – The Washington Post

  1. Like you guys, we’re still feeling the after shocks over here. Now they’re calling for a recount, though it won’t make any difference… But Clinton’s ahead by some 2.7 million votes right now and they’re still counting…

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