I Am 4th Generation KKK

This is a very powerful message that we all need to take on board.

Gringa of the Barrio

NOTE: This post is extremely long, raw & not for the politically faint of heart. But it is necessary.

Because of recent political events, the gringa feels compelled to share her perspective, experiences, hopes and fears. First of all, my perspective is that of a 4th generation KKK and I am a heretic as far as white supremacist ideology is concerned. However, all that I was exposed to growing up in an openly racist household has conditioned me to be particularly sensitive to the issues stirred up by my country’s future presidential prospect. I feel uniquely qualified to stand in the face of racism and call it out as well as stand in the face of a racist and call that person exactly what they are. I am ruthless at it. I offer no tolerance for racism apologists. I do not flinch or back down. I spare no one’s feelings…

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10 thoughts on “I Am 4th Generation KKK

  1. Poor woman is psychologically damaged carrying such a guilt trip all these years.
    Not too sure about the accuracy of her first 2 points.
    Algebra – there might be a few Greeks and Byzantines who would argue with her case and point.
    It’s well known the Muslims robbed loads of stuff from the Byzantines over centuries and claimed them as their own.
    Pyramids – given that this study subject is not exactly the most common indulged in by Americans, it may well be no surprise that she’s completely unaware of all the 3-D X-Ray work that’s been done on these pyramids, and in fact they do know exactly how they were built.
    She should tune into BBC4 documentaries more often.

    How long into the movie Mississippi Burning did she get before realising the era it was set in?
    Just one glance at the cars, clothing and set design used would be a clue.
    I burst out laughing at that one.

    1. I’m sure it must have been exceedingly damaging to carry that guilt around. I think the point she was making was that other ethnic groups have greatly added to the wisdom, knowledge and culture of humanity. That being white is nothing special.

      1. Personally, I don’t think I’d have given a toss what my ancestors did.
        She’s still dealing with her own inbred racism.
        At least she’s able to recognise it, but very typical of small town mentality.
        I don’t see 50 million English people walking about with their heads bowed in shame for what they did in Scotland for 400 years.

      2. Or the Scots for what they did on their way to York for that matter. But I do certainly feel shame to be part of a nation who treated the American Indians, Australian aborigines, Indians, Chinese and Africans so badly. British history is littered with atrocities and we live on the proceeds. Doesn’t make me feel good.

      3. Understand there’s a hell of a difference between ransacking one town and killing 300,000 people.
        Besides York was done over loads of times before also.
        The Normans did a very good job.

        Africans sold Africans into slavery, Britain merely transported them. Too many keep forgetting this fact.

      4. I think they did a bit more than that on the way down but I take your point. For me it is merely about opportunity and ability. Given the chance we all behave as badly.
        Too true. Slavery is simplified. The black slaves were largely sold by black tribes to Arab traders who sold them on to white traders. They were then forced to work in pretty unpleasant conditions. I don’t think anybody comes out of it with any enhancement.
        What lay behind it was black tribalism. The Arabs were cynical and the whites exploitative. It was inhumane and a stain on all three cultures.
        There seems to be a flaw in human beings – slavery goes back through most cultures in history.

    2. Opher, you really don’t want me to give you a history lesson on English tyranny events in Scotland.
      If you think one single event compares – a retaliation event, no less, then you still have the same mentality as those outraged by the temerity of the Scots to actually fight back.

      300,000 slaughtered by fascist pigs.

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