Trump’s Authoritarianism and Fascism

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trump-mussoliniTrump has many times been compared to Joseph McCarthy, the infamous senator and firebrand at the center of the Second Red Scare in the early 1950s. Much of their behavior fits the role of a demagogue. A basic definition of that word is “a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument”. Synonyms include “rabble-rouser, political agitator, soapbox orator, fomenter, provocateur”. Indirectly or loudly, he repeatedly incites people to disdain and especially fear others who are different. His descriptions of the world involve multiple scapegoats: immigrants, refugees, Democrats, Obama, Clinton, China and many more. Often, an enemy of Trump rapidly becomes an enemy of his followers. Anyone who doesn’t fall in line and applaud Trump is likely to be vilified at some point. His incredibly simplistic distinctions between “bad people” and “good people” gives his hearers an easy to understand…

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37 thoughts on “Trump’s Authoritarianism and Fascism

  1. How many are unemployed, have no medical insurance or no hope of affording any and blighted on a daily basis by criminal immigrant gangs?

    It’s alright for you living in your middle-class area with a nice comfortable pension in retirement.
    These people have nothing, no hope and no future. There are millions and millions of them.

    Considering your quasi-punk ethos, there’s huge holes in your hypocrisy.

    1. Criminal immigrant gangs? I’m not so sure they are immigrants. The LA gang kids that I taught weren’t immigrant.
      But I agree there are huge numbers of people in the US with no jobs, no medical insurance, no homes and no hope.
      Unfortunately that is the American way. It is exactly what Trump stands for. The ‘Haves and Have-nots’. The American view is that the people at the bottom deserves all they get. They should have tried harder. If they are in the shit it’s their own fault. That was spelt out to me by other teachers at my school in Norwalk. If kids did not turn up or came in stoned that was their own business. If they chose to flunk then so be it. Someone has to do the shit jobs.
      America is the wealthiest country in the world. It could solve the problem overnight but American’s wealthy do not want to pay taxes to sort the problem out. They’d rather skimp on education and live in gated communities while war rages outside on the streets. Trump exemplifies that attitude.
      I don’t want a programme of hand-outs – I would like to see proper education, proper law and order, proper housing and support. Not shoot ’em, lock ’em up and blame them.
      I’m no hypocrite. I am not rich but, like you, I’m doing OK. I’m prepared to pay my taxes to support the less well-off and not use loop-holes, like Trump, to avoid paying millions! There’s your hypocrite.

      1. For goodness sake, you were there a very long time ago.
        I think perhaps the problem extends beyond that of one particular school that you happened to work in! Or do you think because you were there it was therefore the centre of the universe?
        Neither is a school an example of what is happening on the streets with kids 16+ who have long given up school.
        Since then the population has exploded 10-fold with Latino immigrants from all over south America. The Puerto Ricans have an incredible record of violent gangster stuff.
        It’s all on TV if you care to watch it, or youtube with documentaries on the world’s most violent prisons. It is beyond belief.

        I can’t understand why you label Trump with any responsibility to the the mess the US is in today.
        Do you actually know how many people he employs?
        Do you think all his employees live in gated communities?
        Do you know what one would have to be earning to afford to live in such?
        You are so far off the radar here. The meter can’t read it.

        I’m not so sure I do want to support those that make zero effort with their lives and totally rely on hand-outs. They could be doing more for it. Even if it’s sweeping the streets.
        On my bus route when traffic is jammed slow, I can see them walking out the dole office straight into the bookies. Who’s kidding who here? There’s way too many with absolutely no intentions of getting a job.

        Loopholes exist so that people don’t pay too much tax, or are taxed twice, or are able to receive taxable benefits ie taxation returned to them. In many cases tax is not applicable.
        There is no such thing as zero tax if earned in country of residence, only the likes of religious organisations and charities qualify for zero threshold, or when one earns too little to meet the threshold level.
        The choice was yours to benefit from such loopholes, but you chose the safe option by working for the government, therefore, giving yourself no chance of ever winning one over them. In my case I only paid tax for 2 years out of 17 years working for foreign firms. That is UK law – they cannot tax me if I make that money outwith the UK. (However, all US citizens must pay tax no matter where money is earned.)
        After that my accountant in Cyprus made sure I didn’t pay tax there either. That’s how it works, Opher, all over the world. Trump isn’t the only one working loopholes.

      2. Andrew – I think my experience of America extends well beyond one school. I’ve hitch-hiked all over, worked for a year and a quarter in two different jobs (teaching and dishwashing) and have a daughter who lived there recently for five years. We spent a lot of time with her. I have a large number of American friends. Where did you get to be such an authority that you belittle other people’s superior experience?
        I know all about the system and the racism that works there. I know about the gangs and was taken round the city by gang members who were showing off their territory and explaining how it worked. I don’t need to watch TV or YouTube.
        I’m sure the drugs scene has made it ten times worse.
        Trump exemplifies the American attitude and I’m sure that the majority of people he employs are on very low pay. But the executives will live in gated communities. That’s fine for them.
        Kindly don’t lecture me on simplicities. I’m not off the radar at all. You have such a fanatical adoration of Trump that you are blind to all the realities of his policies.
        I do not want to help people with poor attitudes either. I also don’t want to live in a heartless society where people are discarded as trash. I want them to be properly educated, housed and given work. I want a caring society. I think the right-wing attitude stinks. All people are important and given the right start and opportunities they won’t turn into hopeless scroungers. Go amnd watch ‘I Daniel Blake’ and then talk to me about the reality. There has to be a better way to solve a complex problem and I believe it is through education and proper opportunities.
        The loop-holes used by the rich to avoid paying taxes is stealing from those that need the money most. It is stealing! Those that do it should be ashamed and locked up.

      3. This is not in response to your statements above. It is a question of you, why do you have such hatred for the President Elect Trump, you have not met him personally, but then I could be corrected. You have no hatred for the Clintons, crooks in power for over 40 years, yet you hate the President Elect even comparing him to Hitler. I just cannot understand that.

      4. Opher, man you make zero allowances for the fact this was decades ago and millions upon millions of people have since flooded in. You washed dishes in 1970 and taught in 1980.
        How many lifetimes is that ago? Go figure.
        Do you know that 73% of men in jail are Latino immigrants?
        73%! That is astonishing.
        And you want to tell me about you daughter! Your daughter?
        Seriously, what the hell has she got to do with anything?
        There is no such thing as a “large number of friends”. That is complete bullshit and any major dude will tell you so.
        But you were on holiday these last visits, looking at blues clubs etc. There is no feckin’ way you travelled out into black townships in Alabama, so don’t try and bullshit me here.
        Your “lot of time” extends only so far as your entry visa visitors time allowance, doesn’t it? That’s something that you cannot exaggerate, isn’t it? And I doubt you spent every available second of that annual allowance there every year.
        You must have a huge pension as even I might struggle with 2 months on the hoof every year in USA, and I ain’t skint, I can tell you.
        My last trip to US, 3 weeks in 2008 cost me £4k inc flights. But I’m not known for slumbing it, which is the reason.
        I could go to the Caribbean for a lot cheaper, which is why it’s US’s no. 1 destination.

        I worked in Texas as a senior manager, a person who was in the midst of upper-class white decision making process over the employment or otherwise of many less advantaged individuals from all backgrounds and race.
        I worked the process. You did NOT. Period.
        I know how they think. I know how they eliminate.

        You DO need to watch TV and youtube to see it as it is today. Seriously, you have got so far behind with this issue I am becoming embarrassed on your behalf and that doesn’t come easy to me, I can tell you.

        It’s you that’s damn well lecturing me on simplicities.
        The difference here is I understand how big business works because I was part of that for many, many years. You were never, so the the twain shall never meet. I worked for global corporations with serious annual revenues. FFS!
        I do see Trump as having the know-how to get business going and ending the rust damage.
        That isn’t fanatical admiration. Your bullshitting there.
        That’s just a statement of fact as opposed to someone who is in the pocket of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
        I don’t care for him personally – that’s your problem – you can’t see the wood for the trees – all you need to hear is that one name and you’re off into hysterics with comments like “nasty man”! Seriously, what do you expect to run America, a fucking librarian who specialises in Shakespeare?
        That would probably be a better fit to your comfort zone.
        A “nice man” would do it for you. Someone you could chat poetry with, eh? Righty.
        I haven’t seen any of his policies as yet and neither have you for that matter. It’s all hyperbole where every single comment is magnified to huge extents.
        There’s also the fact that there’s so much bad science gone down with environmental studies.
        On the plus side a lot of that coal that US has in storage cannot be used as it doesn’t burn properly.

        I don’t actually need to watch “I Daniel Blake” Opher, as I live in inner-city Glasgow. I am surrounded on a daily basis by thousands of people on the bread line. I live amongst them.
        I need zero further enlightenment on this issue. That film is for people like you, not me. I am surrounded by social welfare offices, food banks, community housing complexes, community meeting halls, community incentive schemes, you name it, it is all here in Capital letters. I do my little bit as as contributor to the Humanists, where I supply music to blind people. What do you do with your spare time in that respect. I’ll tell you, fuck all.

        Your understanding of how money works and the incentives required to encourage investment are lamentable. You don’t get it do you? Why should people take unprecedented risks for little or no return. The only way is tax breaks. Let the money do the talking, not stuck in a vault somewhere doing nothing. That’s the mentality that runs EU money – vault fund managers – we really don’t need any more of that crap. That’s why there is is so much untold wealth in Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland, Austria, southern Germany etc. That money does nothing but accumulate interest. We have to encourage the lending and investment. Wake Up!

      5. Anna – the reason is simple – I listen to what he says. I see the impact of his policies. He’s a climate change denier, a misogynist, a racist and a phoney. He’s a rich man’s son who pretends he represents all those desperate people who have been left behind by globalisation and who are reeling from mass immigration. Yet his first policy is to give huge tax cuts to the extremely wealthy. He will cause immense damage to the environment and put a huge strain on the climate. All he cares about is money. He lies. He’ll strip Alaska to make money. He doesn’t give a jot for the wildlife he’ll kill. He lies to desperate people. He says what he knows they want to hear. He’s a populist and a very dangerous man. He has no answers.

      6. Andrew – what on earth do you mean – I haven’t seen any of his policies – I’ve listened to the man rant for months – of course most of it was just a rant but in between there were his intent:
        Build a 2000 mile wall
        Pull out of climate agreements and Paris accord
        America first – strike up new deals that favour America and sod the world
        Ban all Muslims
        Pull out of NATO
        Huge tax cuts to the wealthiest.
        Do away with health care for the poor
        Deport millions
        Jail Clinton
        Bring in Antiabortionist judges
        I think I’ve got a handle on the kind of right-wing agenda he has in mind. I think it stinks.
        We didn’t do Alabama much but we did travel extensively through Mississippi and Louisiana twice – right into the heart of black areas and the inner cities – Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Jackson, Oxford, Memphis – we saw and felt it.

      7. That’s all you heard – words. Populist indeed, but I suppose that’s kind of necessary given the purpose of the intent, as in getting elected.
        He as an individual is completely unable to do anything – you know this already. He’ll have to have the vote of senate, won’t he?
        This wall you persist in constantly bringing up is already half built – or did you miss that on your trip. He’s just going to finish off the missing sections where most of the illegals flood in from. Given the numbers that are pouring in, they’re going to need something, but I’m sure he’s said recently that fencing would suffice.
        As for the rest – it’s pure conjecture and not really worthy of much further comment until it actually happens or otherwise.
        What’s the point in talking about situations that have not actually transpired?
        It’s just talk for talk’s sake and a waste of time.
        Half of it is crap, like jailing Clinton. Impossible.

        NATO sucks, it’s a useless mess and needs re-direction.
        I can understand his complaint with it.
        The US has some bad deals where they don’t get back what they put in, never mind a profit, so I can see where he needs to go there too.
        NATO is just one of them and a constant drain on US.
        He’s not going to do away with health care – I thought you were listening? – but scrap Obama’s rubbish unworkable, unaffordable method and bring in a system where far more people can benefit from. It simply down to buildings, there are too few in too few areas where poorer people live. Trump says he will fix this. That what he does, build stuff.
        It sure ain’t rocket science and quite why Obama totally failed is quite incredible really.

        You’re on bouta tax cuts again – you’ll never ever understand, will you? It’s a running joke. Get a hankerchief.
        He’ll be deporting at least 3 million illegals.
        We could do that in UK and not miss them, so for such a small number in US, what’s the big deal?
        What’s the point in any climate agreements when nobody does anything anyway. It’s all nonsense.
        Sell your car and buy a bicycle. Use the bus.
        Turn you central heating off. Stop flying to America very regularly. The way you live, you are part of the problem way, way more than I am. My carbon footprint is about 10% of yours.

      8. Andrew – so all of the rhetoric and policies were just to win votes. They were lies. We’ll see what the real policies are. And NATO is shit so we let the Russians do what they want. We’re not worried.
        And you have your Thatcherite view of trickle-down – so giving to the rich will benefit the poor. That’ll work. They’ll invest. They’ll pay their accountants to cook the books and look for the loops while the rest of us get screwed for taxes. But I don’t mind paying my whack if it provides schools, NHS and police. That’s fine. It’s the guys earning five hundred times what I earn who don’t pay a penny that is a crime. Trump is a classic tax fiddler. No morality. Selfish.
        You defend the indefensible. The man is a selfish narcissist.
        And how many miles of this wall still need to be built? Great idea.

      9. The green policies to prevent climate change are not going to be affected by individuals use of energy. Government policies on producing green energy and efficiencies in buildings and machines will make the difference. You know that! Surely you know that?

      10. Yes, a lot was rhetoric, obviously, from both of them.
        What will Russia do? That’s paranoia. For a start their military equipment isn’t up to top standards and their forces have never been smaller. It’s all posture and silly sly games.
        One plane flying low once over somewhere it shouldn’t, doesn’t add up to too much. That’s so far about it.
        Apart from some shockingly bad miscalculated rocket fire on the wrong parts of Aleppo. It’s that’s how Russia plays war games these days, I don’t think there’s much to fear.

        Considering you’ve visited USA so often to so much territory, I’m surprised that you can’t tell me where the gaps in the wall are.

        Never mind Thatcherite anything – go ask your bank manager for free money and see what he says.
        Money needs to make money. Tax breaks make that happen.
        See Keynes theory. Oh, of course, you didn’t do Economics at school either…

        Oh dear, you think Green policy is dependent solely upon government incentives only?
        What if we all burned coal as you would have us doing given your strong objections to the closure of the national coal mining industry?
        Coal was filthy and best thing stopping it since sliced bread.
        I hate coal burning practices – and wood burning, with these jerks with these stupid wood burner fires they have in their homes pumping crap into the air outside.
        But I suppose coal burning mentality is pack and parcel with old school Labour mentality
        Every fire we light, every car driven, every plane flying affects the Ozone. For you to say we as individuals have no effect towards global warming is ludicrous.
        As long as your running a car you should have zero say about pollution or global warming because by doing so you are part hypocritical and part of the problem.
        Why don’t you know this?

        I actually know all about Green technology as my old man was at the forefront of it from the late 70s.
        He personally designed the heat reclaim systems for every major swimming pool in western Europe, every major conference and exhibition centre in UK, Earls Court, Olympia, NEC etc and many in Europe, especially Germany, Deutschlandhalle etc and umteen massive corporate buildings in UK, Bank of England being one. Plus and not least the systems to keep UK’s underground Nukes cool for long term storage. That was our family conversation at the dinner table, Physics.
        I think I do come from a different planet than yourself most of the time.

      11. I think you are right Andrew – most of the time you do come from a different planet – it’s planet Andrew – the place where everything Andrew believes is factually 100% and everything everyone else believes is the ranting of an idiot.
        So we have nothing to fear from Russia. It’s OK if they walk into Georgia, Ukravia, Serbia……… That won’t precipitate anything. The fact that they’ve got enough nuclear weapons to blown the planet to pieces is of no consequence.
        And NATO is useless. So is the EU. Who cares about peace anyway.
        And Brexit is great – land of opportunity – no problems at all.
        And Trump is perfect. Has great ideas.
        And Green Energy is everyone pedalling bikes and nothing to do with providing clean energy.
        And some people are trash and need locking up, booting out or shooting.
        And giving all the money to the rich is great economic sense because, after all, they are better educated and know what to do with it, and they use it to make more money for themselves.
        And you know everything there is to know about the physics of green energy, the German Reich, the EU, Economics, the war, Rock music and politics.
        Planet Andrew must be a pretty lonely place. There are no views or discussion, no feelings or emotions – only facts.
        Well on Planet Opher there are no facts whatsoever. There are views, feelings, emotions and perspectives – probably as many as there are people.

      12. By the way Andrew – you are getting confused between the Greenhouse effect (created by CO2 & Methane) and the Ozone layer (affected by CFCs from refrigerators and foam packaging).
        Global agreement has replaced CFCs with other chemicals – the Ozone layer is healing. A huge success!!
        The CO2 from burning fossil fuel is responsible for the greenhouse effect and global warming.
        A Global agreement to change from fossil fuels to renewables would solve the problem – you know – the thing that Trump is pulling out of. He’s a denier of all environmental issues (the fool).
        All of the individual attempts by people to reduce their carbon footprint is a drop in the ocean. We need global legislation, new, efficient technology, a reduction in population and a splurge of green energy. It’s not rocket science – it’s green technology, global thinking and intelligence.

  2. You have far, far too big a tip yourself, haven’t you, Opher?
    Do you really think the opinion of one individual such as yourself adds up to anything and has a shelf-life?
    It might were that opinion governed by the ability of analysis – but it isn’t.
    You object to my use of facts – funny how just last night the Labour guy that resigned from Corbyn’s cabinet but still does all the party fundraising said that there is nothing more important.
    Any facts I use are can be verified – you’re just too much of a lazy arse to bother to enlighten yourself and find it much more easier and convenient to spew vitriolic conjecture upon anybody that counters or disagrees with you, yet sucks right up the ass of those that do – even when it’s evidently clear that they haven’t really got the faintest idea of what they’re talking about.
    You are absolutely not “everyone else”, but I do agree that at times you are guilty of being a “ranting idiot”, unfortunately all too often for your own good which in due course completely saps the life out of anything that you do say that may hold some credibility.
    With regards “everyone else” – it would appear to be evidently clear that I fall into the larger group with the majority opinion which kind of shatters your “planet Andrew” immaturity, doesn’t it?
    All you are – out with the confines of “everyone else” is just a bloke with a somewhat confused bias that reflects in some extraordinary hot air emissions that tickle me pink.
    You are all too often so out of touch with the reality of where things are at today with all manner of subject matter.
    We had it regards street criminality, no-go areas – of which you made claims there were none!
    You meant to say there were none in your village in the middle of nowhere. There’s a difference.
    We had it with outrageous thug Muslim gangs parading East London streets having formed mini-ghettos solely for their own people that you refuse to accept exist. Where vigilante gangs patrol Mosque areas making absolutely sure that any non-Muslim people do not walk the same pavement outside of the Mosque. Again you refused to accept this fact.
    We had it with the immigrant east European organised criminal gangs that continuously reek havoc in society with theft and thuggery that you were ever so willing to defend and condemned such commentary as “racist”.
    We had it with the outrageous behavior with extraordinary displays of self-exuberance with many members of the LBTG community to be seen in our city centre streets of a week-end, where you objected to non-politically correct (in your view) comment to the contrary that this had reached unacceptable proportions. When in fact at that time you didn’t actually know what a pre-op trans gender was. I had to explain it to you.
    It was evident that you hadn’t in fact fully understood just how exactly the EU is run and it was required that that be explained to you and you subsequently found yourself having to back-peddle with some points of view. That little matter amused me no end.
    We had it with loads of posts about Trump being “bankrupt” whilst being completely blind to the fact that each of these buildings that he builds is a private limited company. Given that he’s built some 200+ of these things and only closed 4…
    We had it with all the Trump being given “A Billion” dollars by his father, when in fact it was nothing like it and it was a million.
    You exaggerate and make stuff up as you go along to ridiculous levels.
    If only you engaged in a bit more research, thought and reasoning before you opened your gob, then people like me wouldn’t have good cause to laugh at you.
    By I suppose I’m not a particularly good example of a cross-example of your audience who appear to be a few new-ager type housewives. There’s not exactly a lot of ammunition contained there when it comes down to anything of a debate. In fact there’s a complete dearth.
    You all too often do not have your facts right which leads to mis-information being portrayed as fact.
    You seem to only wish to blame others for the use of ‘facts’ without looking in the mirror at your own wanton attempts to do the very same thing. That is very immature.
    You seem to forget that important decisions and/or full understanding of any subject are based on fact – not wooly-mouthed bullshit that you excel with.
    You find it difficult to accept that you are incorrect on too many details on too many occasions and become irritable you when you find yourself being pulled up on it – just as exactly the case in question here with your post.
    This is actually unnecessary were you to engage in a bit more research before comment and avoid the acute reflex action that you so evidently suffer a severe form of.
    You are so easily manipulated by exposure to absolutely anything that hits your ears.
    You’ll all too easily take media’s view and/or other bloggers with an agenda as granted, no questions asked and only the belief that what they have told you is absolutely true.
    You suffer from an acute disability from dissecting and/or determining the difference between an agenda from a statement of fact that in truth reflects a situation as it actually stands before you.
    How many times have we seen this from your commentary.
    Just last week you admitted, quote, “yes, I am gullible”.
    You talk about personal experiences relating to today as if they were last week, when in fact, they were some 40 years ago. It’s really beyond a joke and wholly deserves negative comment.
    The only politics you will tolerate are Labour’s – that of a party that is absolutely shattered-finished with absolutely no hope of recovery if ever, for many years to come. I doubt you will ever see their recovery.
    You continuously fail to accept just what a disaster these idiots were.
    You fail to understand why so many former Labour voters turned to vote for Conservative.
    You continue to flog a dead horse.

    My life experiences go way, way beyond yours. You can’t handle that because it is the truth of the matter. Where you poked your toe, I swam, where you saw for a day as a tourist, I lived and worked etc.
    You live in the back of beyond in a village in the middle of nowhere, whereas I am surrounded by exactly where it is at – every day, all day. I am privy to sights and incidences of daily life that you would struggle to ponder or make an expedient exit away from, shit scared in total terror.
    You think only in terms of your own personal ability as to how to solve a problem.
    You continuously miss the big picture where there very much exists a whole other world external to that of your own.
    You think any other world much match the introverted confines of your own.
    There lies the problem.

    But actually your biggest problem bottom line, is you possess a dreadfully poor memory.
    You never remember what anyone has said from one post to the other and if it were last week, well we can completely right that off – which either reflects a kind of megalomaniac mindset where you rush on to vent a reply without fully taking on board what was actually said – and continue to spew a personal wants list which more often than not has sfa to do with the point in hand.
    You’ve done it to me about 99 times. I said quite clearly from the off that I preferred Trump as the most suitable candidate, because in view of the US economic nightmare he had the best business acumen. From that point on you have continuously harangued me with accusatory remarks that I support his every being. I don’t, just that of his business acumen. This reflects your immaturity.
    You’ve done it all too often with regards Muslims. Despite me telling you all too fucking too often that I was actually once married to an ex-Muslim, albeit some 33 years ago now, and the fact I have worked and lived in 4 Muslim countries – that you have not – on the occasions where you have found your back up against the wall, you have decided to strike the “hate all Muslims” button on me. Like you have some kind of unlimited and warranted pre-disposal at will to do so.
    You will never ever understand the Islamic mindset to the degree that I do. Not ever, simply because you have had zero exposure to the inner machinations of it for any longevity, if any at all. You’re one of these people who thinks because they know of a couple of Muslims, then they know about Islam. It’s beyond laughable.

    With regards your last sarcastic comments.
    Green Energy – No I don’t know it all. It was my father who was at the forefront of that world. It was a very big part of his working life. He was a very highly respected guy in his field, so much so that when he died so many people arrived to attend his funeral, many from Europe, too, that they could not all fit in the assembly hall. My mother could not believe it.
    GE was a constant topic of conversation in our family home. Neither of my parents were ill-educated or very ordinary type people. They did not come from that but made it happen for themselves through natural intelligence, further education, due diligence and a lot of hard work, analysis and research.
    The Third Reich – yes it is a specialist subject of mine and one that I have studied diligently for some 40 years. I possess a wealth of interesting and useful information. I’m a walking-talkin encyclopedia on the subject. It was History at school that grabbed me and I got an A pass A-level. What did you score?
    The EU – I’ve forgotten more than you’ll ever know about the EU. Let it rot.
    Economics – I’m no expert, but just so obviously know more about it than yourself. I got a B pass A-level. What did you score?
    The War – which one? See above. I’m also very informed on WW1.
    Rock Music – only those acts that interest me. Most don’t. But If I like them then I’ll know pretty much everything about their records. I’ll probably own them all in real copy too. I hate MP3’s and don’t consider that to be either collecting music or listening to music. But there again most people won’t have the kind of sophisticated and wonderful sounding hi-fi system that I own.
    I also might know something about the lives of the artists themselves, too, but that isn’t too big a deal with me. Many I find to be rather uninteresting anyway. But for example, that’s why I could tell you that John Lee Hooker did not work in the Detroit car industry per say, but simply that of a janitor. He could have been a janitor in Timbuktu. I live and breathe such details and always find a use for them, such as correcting you.
    Politics – no thanks it sucks. You do the politics, suits you better.

    You need to get out more. I meet up every week 3 nights a week with different people, be it for my gigs buddies, as per Ryley Walker on Tuesday gone and we talk about everything.
    2 vote Labour, 2 SNP, I is a Liberal and me – somewhere in the middle.
    They very, very seldom disagree with my points of view, because they are informed, accurate and the truth and devoid of personal political agenda, spurious conjecture, personal manipulation, exaggeration and hysteria -which you excel with to such a degree that you can no longer tell the difference between truth and personal political agenda.
    You’d get laughed out the pub.

    If only you had had a better basic education….

    1. Well read up on what is happening to the ozone layer – it is healing fast. They altered the CFCs in foam and fridges world-wide – success of globalism.
      Also check out China’s production of wind energy. They are looking to do away with coal.
      You’re behind the times.
      Yes I and billions of people desperately need the Paris agreement and its implementation. That is imperative.
      Presently Trump is the most dangerous force on the planet as regards the environment.
      I’m sure Diane is not the only person farting. In fact it is cattle that are the big problem here. Their farts are generating huge amounts of methane. We should all go vegetarian (apart from me) – and stop draining swamps.
      Purge fat people? That would reduce the global population a bit. Not a bad idea. We could purge the thin ones too! That would solve all the problems in one fell swoop!

    2. Yes I wish I’d had a better education – I had to make up for it later.
      But seriously Andrew – your paranoia shines through everything you write. It distorts the reality. There are instances of all the things you talk about but they are miniscule in comparison to the rest. You have it out of proportion.
      As for the rest – well your ego sure is inflated. You are the arbiter and assessor of all.
      The trouble is that with your levels of expertise you could be informative instead of merely rude. It undermines everything you say.
      You have a habit of claiming to have put me right on so much stuff and I can’t think of anything that I’ve actually taken on board from your diatribes.
      You are obsessed with my poetry and Labour voting – as if that was important. I’d vote for anyone who I felt would make a difference. Labour did. The Tories don’t (apart from negatively) and Liberals can’t. I’d vote Green if it wasn’t wasted.
      Perhaps your continual put-downs and arrogance is a sign of insecurity?
      As for the Muslim thing – if you did not continually bring it up I would not assume you were obsessed with it.
      Views and opinions, feelings and dialogue – that’s what counts not facts. I’ve taught science far too long and have a good friend who’s a historian – I know ‘facts’ change. You are far to pedantic.
      Life experience – different – not better.

      1. I and yourself can’t be the only ones wishing you had had a better education.

        How many times now have I been down this road with you Opher? You never learn, do you?
        You’ll never be able to match wits with me because you just don’t possess enough power of intuition and due diligence.
        You rush things, don’t think them through to the nth degree enough and never prepare properly. Poor Planning Promotes Poor Performance. Try and remember that – if little else.
        But you’ll defend your every action until you are blue in the face because you don’t have it in you to ever say ‘oops, I really blew it here’. Not ever. It only makes you look like a complete arse. Occasionally you will take on board alternative views, but the very next week you’ll be on full boil mode again like last week never happened. You do that all too frequently that it’s got to the stage where I can see it coming. I can read you like a book – no, not one of your own!
        It’s you who runs riot on paranoia! I just tell it as it is. I never colour anything with my owns wants. You excel in this and it’s for all to see ever so clearly.
        Aren’t the contents of your blogs clear and concise evidence in themselves?
        If only they were more objective with an improved level of perception, then I’d have very little to offer in reply.
        You can’t help yourself but go with the populist flow of the lowest common denominator and this tickles me pink.
        But it entertains me no less, so please keep going if only for my personal amusement.
        It’s you who distorts the reality and there’s a sample list above this post. It’s all true – it is what you did. You are what you is – a blowhard hysteric.
        You say you never take take on board ” anything I say”. Well more fool you – because you wouldn’t have to stand corrected as often as you do were you to do so.
        You say you never watch the docs on TV or youtube or look for the non-agenda media on the web, therefore, by virtue will remain as misinformed forever more. You will maintain your status quo on being fed by the BBC. That’s kind of sad really and a terrible wasted opportunity to further enlightenment. But I understand that it is indeed very difficult to change a habit of a lifetime.

        The very reason for your calculated opinion here is because your career never gave you such a challenge. Or to be more accurate, such challenges were lesser than that imposed upon myself. I’m not for a moment saying you did not achieve anything – you did, but there were automatic limitations imposed by virtue of the job in hand and what you could do or not do, as was the case.
        You never worked in big business. This goes some way to explain why you think all people are actually decent.
        You could not be more wrong there and I’ll tell you for free that most have one modus operandi – that being to screw you out of everything they can. Your naivety on this aspect of life is frankly beyond belief and extremely immature.
        You didn’t have to make large amounts of money.
        You didn’t have to outwit and keep ahead of your competitors.
        You didn’t have to make a mark on the market place and you didn’t have to market your business or yourself for that matter.
        You didn’t have to make an impression with your customers.
        You didn’t have to stamp out snobbery inherent within many of your management teams and employees.
        You didn’t have hundreds of employees.
        You didn’t have to deal with the pathetic behavior of some of the wealthiest people floating around the world – or their wives, who are simply the worst bitches from hell imaginable.
        And do it with utmost confidence with a smile, 24/7, day out, month out, year out.
        You complain about how you imagine the rich live, whereas I can tell you pretty much exactly down to the last detail of how exactly they live. You’d be sickened, whereas I was amused.
        I have been in their homes, on their yachts when we did private catering for their parties.
        You really could not imagine and have no idea really of what I am talking about here as it has to be seen to be believed.
        I come from the upper echelons of a global business and possess a wealth of experience within it. I worked with global business trends and was familiar with the multitudes of other businesses that did business with me.
        I met countless thousands of influential and trend-setting people from all kinds of industries and walks of life on a global basis. Part of my job was to inform myself all about them and or not convey such information to others within my team.
        I met so many truly fantastically interesting people.
        Yes, indeed most of them were also fantastically wealthy, too. But your obvious jealous grudges against such people never seems to bear any reflection as to the reasons why – they are in fact, more often than not, immensely talented and intelligent. I think that combination bugs the hell out of you.
        They are everything that you actually wanted to be yourself.
        They are not all greedy bastards. Many are devout philanthropists giving their valuable time to the needs of many whom they do not know and will never meet.
        Many just got lucky. Many were born just lucky.
        I doubt whether you would be able to handle a single day had you been in my shoes. I doubt you’d be able to know when to shut up and you’d get yourself shot.
        Fundamentally your powers of memory would also fail you.
        Your life experiences pale into insignificance compared to mine. You’ll just have to accept that fact and stop whining.

        Were I a new-age housewife, you’d be more receptive to an alternate point of view. That’s perhaps your comfort level – people who pose no threat to your own notions of self-grandoise big headedness. You perceive an alternative point of view as ‘arrogance’ or a ‘putdown’. How bloody immature of you to think like that. You’ve never grown up, have you?
        You`re just this perennial wide-eyed and easily excitable and influenced individual wearing the skin of an older man. That is a ridiculous state to be in this day and age. It is somewhat questionable and very old school – old fashioned.
        But there again, I am not a creature of habit. I can’t even live in the same country for more than 5 years at a stretch. I seek constant change and always have since leaving school. That is also reflected by how I lead my life, with whom I share parts of it with and how readily I may change my mind on something. But I’ve learned never to trust 50% of what anyone says about anything. Everybody is covering for their own inherent inadequacies and it is reflected profoundly by idiocy with behaviour and band wagon jumping. I steer clear of these people with a barge pole, yet forever remain surrounded by them.

        You are in fact the only guy that I have any contact with on the net who never ever brings himself to ask me a question or to verify something with me. I don’t mean on anything and everything, obviously certainly not, but on stuff that I may well have a handle on due to my professional experience.
        Not that I automatically expect that (far from it) or perhaps am always receptive or available.
        I help a lot of people with world travel stuff, where to go, where not to go, what to see, what not to bother with given an option, which hotels in particular – naturally – and many cultural issues that they should be familiar with to save any authority hassles. I am very big on cultural issues. They are most receptive to my information. I do have a wealth of information because of having years of constant exposure to it and a natural interest. It never leaves me.
        Your goading with my perceived ‘hatred of Muslims’ is a terrible mis-calculation on your part. I know for a fact that you haven’t an iota of a clue of what you speak. You ain’t seen anything. Even when I tell you that I rubbed shoulders with some of the most powerful Islamic government people imaginable – and can prove it, I still have boxes with their personal business cards with home phone numbers no less, yet it means jack-shit to you. You just don’t get it do you?
        But you had a Muslim guy you’ve known for 50 years over to dinner, therefore you think you know what Islam is. He ain’t no real Muslim, otherwise, 1, you’d never know him personally, 2, he’d never eat in your house, particularly in the presence of your wife at the very same table. These are fundamentals that you have completely failed to consider.
        You know a moderate in the UK. UK moderates are not at all representative of Islam. Please understand this fact.

        I also have something like 35,000 music followers ref my blogs on music related information on youtube. I don’t even have my own youtube page as I’m not interested in maintaining one. I’ve got people from all over, all ages, constantly asking my opinion on a variety of matters, especially UK rock music. Yes, in reference to your other comment ref my music knowledge. It is huge as I also possess an excellent memory for anorak level details.
        I am apparently something of a guru to them on all matters relating to Jimi Hendrix, but I can admit to being a bit of anorak with his stuff. Their excitement upon receiving a detailed reply is remarkable. The verbiage used in reply by some younger Americans is very amusing.
        If I recognise them as a bona-fide fan and not just some greatest hits arse of which there are too many for my liking – I meet so many who say they are ‘massive fans’ but haven’t the slightest clue, they may well get nothing – but if they prove their credentials then they might get sent via email free of charge (more fool me) ‘The Master File’ containing approximately 2,500 A4 pages of text, cross-referencing every single track, studio session and live recording available, including accurate details of exactly who played what in relation to the studio sessions. From then on they needn’t bother me as they are forever more empowered to dissect the wheat from the chaff appertaining to their collecting process. At least they won’t get robbed with buying rubbish.
        I do it because I feel an obligation to give something back as it was others that turned me on and showed me the ropes with this. I just happened to be able to compile the most comprehensive detailed list that I have ever seen, although I say it myself, but it is a work of art in itself. It took many years to compile and is a work in progress for as long as they release records or fans discover live tapes.
        This is the very must time that I have ever even mentioned this to you as it is not something that I go about bragging about. Obviously not. Besides, it’s not really anyone else’s business what I do with my time or what other interactions I have with others outwith this here blog.
        And before you were to ask, no I have no intentions of seeking publication a) I can’t be bothered, b) it will only get ripped off by others for their gains.
        But I already gave you a tiny sample of how I approach my collation of data, via my personal collection of Beefheart, anyway, you did seem to sense an aptitude for detail way above and beyond that of your own list and were good enough to express a compliment to me at the time on my efforts.
        That particular data list is not even nearly half finished by my own usual standards of presentation. But my Hendrix work is a 1,000 times more complicated.

        You are not the only man with a passion.

      2. Andrew – I certainly am impressed with the diligence and attention to detail you bring to bear. It is staggering. That is not the problem. The problem I have is the constant abuse and personal put-downs that go with anything you say, plus the arrogant assertion that you are always right.
        I might be tempted to ask more questions but why ask for more abuse?
        Too busy at the moment with moving. Though I do enjoy the venting. It’s like a volcano going off.

    3. I know all about the CFC stuff, FFS, it was my old man at the forefront of the re-design of the physics of air-conditioning plant equipment to reduce CFC emissions! The largest and most efficient equipment was manufactured in Germany (I don’t know if it still is today) and he personally worked with them on this project and was the first to implement the introduction of such equipment into the UK.
      Globalism? It was one manufacturing firm in Germany and one design engineer guy from Scotland! You don’t half talk some shit.

      Yes, China are “looking”. Meanwhile they continue to open coal burning power plants because of the speed with which they continue to build new cities. See Szechuan Province for further information.
      What is been “looked” at is not always what is actually happening in reality on ground level.
      But, if the Ozone was supposedly healing up quite as fast as scientists would have us believe, why are there rising figures with Australians with skin cancer issues? This was supposed to be the reason for them – a big hole in the Ozone, sitting right above Australia, wasn’t it? Something doesn’t quite figure right with this.

      I’m afraid to say that your comments do not reflect the actual reality of where things stand exactly as of today. You are misinformed, again, or haven’t got the exact facts of the matter.

      You want the NHS fixed. Loose the chavs (two-legged cattle) who walk into a supermarket and the first things they load their trolleys with are 6-packs of 2 litre fizzy pop and jumbo size bags of crisps. This trash is wasting such valuable resources. Most of them are working class Labour type people. They disgust me.
      You know this and you know who they are, too. Or should do.
      Schools are also to blame with the shit they feed out in their canteens. I’ve never seen so many fat tubby kids.

      1. So why talk about planes disrupting the ozone Andrew?
        It was a global agreement to produce fridges and packaging with alternative to CFCs. The latest research from the Antarctic shows the holes are closing.
        The skin cancer issue in Australia is probably a delayed effect. You are right that they relate to the hole in ozone over Australia. But that is probably closing too though I haven’t read any data on that. It takes time for symptoms to appear. Skin cancer is an indicator but by no means a reflection of what is happening to ozone. That has to be measured in the stratosphere and the evidence is pretty conclusive – result!
        I agree that the diets and attitudes of many working class people leaves a lot to be desired. I’m not so sure about Labour voters – more UKIP and Brexit now. Difference between you and me is that I don’t call them trash and would question what has happened to make them behave like this. My family came from working class and they did not behave in that way. Perhaps a read of Owen Jones book Chavs would provide you with thought. The kids I taught from the estates had attitude and sort of them had that mentality. It seemed to come from despair and hopelessness and a hatred of the establishment. There’s a welfare culture that needs changing, I think. Though I do not subscribe to the brutal Tory idea of cuts. There has to be a better way.
        You’re well out of touch about school meals. Our canteen was great and healthy. Salads, soups and nutritious food. I ate in there every day.
        School meals underwent a revolution.

      2. It was pollutants in general really, planes being a contributor.
        It’s all relative, be it Carbon poisoning or UV radiation – both kill, regardless of the technicalities on exactly how.

        Yes, my old man attended a number of these global conferences as an industry delegate expert. He worked with others coming up with alternative gases for the compressors.
        He wasn’t the bloke in grubby overalls and a screwdriver, he was writing the scientific equations in physics text.
        He worked on the basis of theory all the way through to scientific fact. He was a total boffin.
        But you don’t believe in facts…

        Only some schools made attempts, not nearly all.
        That’s why Jamie Oliver keeps shouting out about it and accusing government of not being severe enough with implementation of changes.
        And they never fixed the issue of porta-shops sitting outside school gates selling crap.
        Ref soup Opher. There will be a content of fat from the stock and salt to improve taste. We had soup in the 60’s & 70’s! Big deal!
        Soup is by no means necessarily very healthy eating.

        Actually, the problem with school canteen food was not so much the menu selection but the methods used by catering staff to cook it. They were/are a big part of the problem. Too many were almost completely unskilled in professional preparation knowledge. But, yes in general it is better.
        They still have coke machines in the refectory at the school my friend’s son attends. So stupid.

      3. ‘Facts’ are, in my opinion, a good guideline – but we all know facts change – history is rewritten, science moves on. As more details emerge the picture changes. Facts can be very inaccurate.
        I am sure that there is a huge degree of variation in school kitchens and cooks. We were exceedingly lucky because we had an excellent one. She made exceedingly nutritious soups and balanced meals to a very high standard. Jamie Oliver highlighted a problem that existed in many schools – too much stodge, fat and chips. Partly created by demand and partly by convenience. But there are now stringent rules and regs regarding balanced meals with rigorous inspections. All the junk vanished. Unfortunately so did most of the kids. When they could no longer get their plate of chips and sausage roll they disappeared down the supermarket – stocked up on doughnuts, crisps and pop with the added bonus of chatting up the local girls. Their diet substantially worsened as did behaviour in the afternoon.

      4. Science always moves on, that stands to reason. Physics is a type of science where without it’s basic fact rules employed physics science cannot be controlled or develop further – unless they reinvent the wheel, which we know they haven’t.
        There’s only one way to wire up an electrical plug isn’t there?
        However, it’s not just science where facts are the fundamental base of knowledge on a subject. For example, one cannot change the factual knowledge that some 7.5 million Germans died in WW2.

        I would think that it’s not quite so easy to rewrite history these days given that much is captured on film.

        If I said to you that photosynthesis only worked because of the the presence of strawberry jam, I think you might go some to prove different with some fundamental basic scientific facts.

        Yes, facts can change, particularly in the world of behavioural sciences, Psychology, Psychiatry and Sociology where factors are determined by a multitude of variations. They are mostly governed by intelligent guess work ie theory. Psychiatry was only granted a quasi-official scientific status because of the number of people making money out of it. Most of it is crap and it’s a con-artists pay-dirt.

      5. I didn’t know that about strawberry jam.
        There are plenty who contest the holocaust figures. Who knows what history will make of the numbers in a century or so.
        It looks like Einstein’s and Newton’s theories aren’t going to last much longer. I suspect there is something weirder lurking in the background. We’ll see. My theory is that nobody goes forward by believing things.

      6. Are you a holocaust denier?
        The 7.5 mil figure is actually representative of German deaths, soldiers and civilians, not Jewish, that’s another figure estimated at 6 mil.

        Newton’s, probably not, but he was a religious person with obvious limitations.
        Einstein? Not so sure about your claim there as his Black hole theory now seems ever so more likely.

        ? If you didn’t believe, why go forward?

      7. Oh no I’m certainly not a holocaust denier. I’ve visited Dachau and seen the evidence. It’s a numbers game. It might well be higher than that documented.

        In terms of Newton and Einstein – their theories have proved very useful in practical terms but both have limitations. I respect what both of them achieved. Science is great. I do not deny that black holes and the speed of light, distortions of time, etc. are useful tools. What I contend is that these are only partial understandings of what the reality is and that underneath these theories there is a much more complex reality in which these theories do not operate. They will be superceded.
        I believe there is a world of difference between a working hypothesis and a fact. As a scientist in the world of biology I know that the current theories do not adequately explain what is happening within cells. There are weirder things at work.

      8. Are you now claiming that you were a scientist at the forefront of research? I thought you said you taught it as a subject in school for 35 years?
        Whatever, but there’s no need for exaggeration.

        So far nobody has even offered as a mere suggestion any theory contrary to Einstiein’s E=MC2. (or as you describe with such flippancy as a ‘useful tool’ – like it’s ten a penny)

      9. I’ll have you know I was the world’s third leading expert on Chironomidae and specialised in the Biostratonomy of Lake Windermere. My research was groundbreaking (I worked on mud samples)!
        You’re right – nobody has yet come up with anything better than Einstein’s theory but it is not compatible with Quantum physics and many are trying to solve that riddle. I doubt that it will last that much longer.
        And it was thirty six years. But I did have a bit of a life before I went into teaching.

      10. So what’s your take on the theory that existence as we know it isn’t actually the case. That it’s actually running parallel simultaneously with 7 other time dimensions (why 7 I don’t know).

      11. I’m not familiar with that one. I like the theory that we are all just simulacra’s of a reality on the event horizon following the Big Bang. That has a Sectarian resonance.

  3. I’m confused over nothing. I do know the differences, but your claim that the Ozone is being cured is false, simply due to the rising numbers of skin cancer cases in Australia.
    Today, we have never produced so much foam packaging than before.
    Given that most domestic white goods (fridges, washing machines etc) have an expected lifespan of no more than 5 years and that market zones have exploded to include parts of Asia and Africa that were never target buyers before, this problem can only escalate.
    You kidding yourself on with that theory.

    As I told you yesterday – they won’t be burning that coal supply that’s sitting in the USA.
    Whatever Trump does will make not a jot of difference to what China is doing.
    Are you aware that China opens, not runs, but opens somewhere along the lines of 5 new coal plants a week, every week!
    And you’re concerned about some half-baked Paris agreement?
    That’s fodder for the sheeples and they think that’s the answer. The fools.
    Don’t make me laugh.

    I know what we need. I was hearing about it before you ever thought you’d heard about it.
    It won’t happen because we have the wrong people doing the wrong jobs.
    It is not helped with a continuous desire to re-install the old and useless (Labour party) who still in theory are the last bastions of dirty 20th century/Victorian technology.
    We need a whole new type and set of people running the show.
    The farts emitting from fatty Dianne Abbott must be responsible for at least several African children’s deaths per year.
    That’s the answer to all the world’s problems – purge all the fat people.
    Billions saved on NHS. Seats a plenty on the rail networks. Less pollution. Sorted.

  4. Opher,I have to correct you unfortunately, you say you listen to what Trump has to say. No, you don’t you only hear what you want to hear. Like so many others you are far too quick in jumping on every word he says and twisting it. I am fully aware the President Elect Trump is not perfect, what President has been perfect or Prime Minister in our case. You have this intense hatred for the President Elect that is purely what it is. I find it impossible to understand why you and others refuse to accept the fact that the Clintons have been crooks for the last 40 years, that in your book is alright?

    When it comes to the charges of the President Elect Trump’s so called views on women perhaps you should read up on Jack Kennedy, his Brothers/ the Father. Bill Clinton who found nothing wrong with asking a young girl to give him his “famous Blow Job” in the White House, the Rape charges against him (of course you have never heard of them, you said before), all the filthy jokes about women Clinton comes out with, but thats fine just laugh them off they are from “old Bill”. When you criticise the President Elect regarding words his has used regarding womens body parts, what a hypocrite you are.

    I have read your books remember, you have said enough, you even went along with a childhood girl friend you had to pull her little Sister out of bed pull this child’s pyjama bottoms down so you could see her private parts – Not the Words you used, they are far too coarse to use here.. You were at the time 10/11 years of age, you think it was normal behaviour. What disgusting behaviour on your part and the sisters, it does not say much for your upbringing. Do you have any idea the effect you may have left that little girl with, being pulled out of bed, her pyjama bottoms pulled down on her while you had a good look at the child’s private parts and you and her sister laughed and sniggered. I found the paragraphs in one book pathetic how you went into great lengths (forgive the pun) to say at 11yrs how long your “dick” was, boasting, as I say I did not find that interesting just pathetic, and you accuse Trump. You questioned that I had not read all the 12 books I purchased of yours that cost me £60, claiming if I had why did I not leave a review. I did not leave a review because it would have been not what youy wanted to read. You slander the President Elect, take a good look at yourself.

    Your intense Hatred for God, for any Religions for Theresa May, for the Government, for the Russians for this for that, but the intensity of your Hatred for the President Elect Trump is not normal and puts you in such a bad light.

    Despite the above, I trust that you and the Family are all well. That you are settled into your new Home and enjoying it.

    1. Yes Anna we are well – very stressed and in the middle of our move. We are moving over the course of three weeks and are halfway through. Moving stuff every day is very tiring and not good for the nerves.
      But I must once again correct you. You are adding your own imagination into my writing. The incident you describe was not as you describe. It was not a sordid, traumatic event with sneering and leering. It was a bit of fun between sisters. I was very friendly with the younger girl, did not request, participate or sneer. It was actually embarrassing. She did not find it traumatic in the least in fact she was excited and laughing about it. When I met her years later she found the whole thing amusing. It certainly wasn’t the big deal you make of it. It was perfectly normal play. I think your past abuse has made it into something it wasn’t.
      As for Clinton – I do not think you have ever heard me give him any praise, though he did do a number of good things in among all the lewd behaviour. I think you are hung up by the sex. I don’t think the interns were exactly running away from the opportunity of having sex with a President. He shouldn’t have abused his situation but it’s not really that different from Rock Stars, celebrities and any other man with power. Women flock round and they have their pick. Perhaps you are too prudish. Bill took advantage. But neither will I blame his wife for his misdemeanors. I don’t care for her particularly. But she was by far the best candidate of two very poor selections. I would have preferred Bernie Saunders. But actually you support democracy and she was voted for by considerably more people. How does that sit?
      I will always despise people who support violence, misogyny, racism and elitism. I particularly abhor people who do not respect the planet or the wildlife on it. I want a world that is fair, just and looks after nature. That why I despise Trump, Brexit and May. They stand for all I despise. But I don’t hate them. I don’t know them. I despise what they stand for.
      You supported Brexit and Trump – both of which put wildlife and the planet on a very low priority.
      I want international, global agreements to fight pollution, trade in ivory and protection of wildlife, to fight corruption and international crime and to plug all the tax havens that Trump uses. I wasn’t fairness and justice for people all over the world so that we do not end up with war and mass migration.
      You told me you voted out of fear of immigration and terrorism. I can see that. But I don’t think that Brexit will solve any of that. In my opinion all that Brexit will do is make us all a great deal poorer, puts lots of people out of work, and cripple public services, make us a great deal unsafer and create a country of inward looking xenophobes which gives the racist minority licence to abuse people. It is a huge mistake. But then you don’t believe any of that despite the latest £100 billion cost of Brexit from the treasury, the rise in hate crime and the massive fall in the pound that is pushing prices up. You can’t see why people would protest.
      I’m sorry you wasted your money on my books. I don’t know why you bought them. As you said you only set out to flatter me so that you could make a fool out of me. I hope that was worth your £60.

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