Trump’s Victory: The Global Rise Of Fascism

This surge of the Right is extremely worrying. We could be heading for war again.

Josep Goded

The phenomenon of Donald Trump is boosting all right-wing European organizations, which [are] now growing to levels not seen since the Second World War. As a result, Marie Le Pen, the president of the Front National(FN), could become the next French president in 2017.If it ever happens it would be the first time that a fascist candidate has won a presidential election in Europe since Adolf Hitler.

Germany will also hold presidential elections in 2017 where the anti-immigration right-wing populist party AFD (Alternative Für Deutschland), was able to achieve representation in the most important German states (including Berlin) in the most recent German states elections, held early this year. Everything indicates that in the next presidential elections the AFD will dispute victory with Merkel’s party, the CDU (Christian Democratic Union of Germany).

There are many parallels between the last U.S. presidential elections and the German presidential…

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18 thoughts on “Trump’s Victory: The Global Rise Of Fascism

  1. You know, we look back at history books where we read about the world being in upheaval and I think we have anesthetized ourselves into believing those things could never happen again. How true is it that we never learn from history… That’s why I found Erik Larson’s “In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin” so fascinating. The US couldn’t find ANY politician who wanted to go to Berlin as an ambassador, so they sent, of all things, a college history professor who recognized what was happening and yet whose insight was ignored by the US. He was a smart man. He packed his family up and got out of Dodge. But not before his 20+ daughter turned into a Russian spy. It’s an interesting story. And once again we find ourselves in the same place…

    1. Meanwhile Wall Street put their money where their mouth was by investing in German stocks and losing UK as much money as possible, which they did up until 1942.
      Let’s not forget it was Grandfather Bush who sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of weaponry and equipment to the 3rd Reich war machine.

      1. Is it any surprise that France and Germany have had enough? It wouldn’t be if people saw it for themselves.

    2. This surge of the Right is a response to the terrorism and the wave of fear, xenophobia and racism it produces. I can’t help thinking that it is exactly what Osama Bin Laden was after achieving.

      1. Not how I’d put it. But Trump is an extremely worrying man. I’m very concerned about his attitude to the environment. He’s a climate change denier and he’s looking to undo the Paris protocol. That could be a disaster. Then there’s the abortion situation and loading the cabinet with extremists and loonies like Palin and Newt. You couldn’t get more right-wing if you tried. Huge tax cuts for the rich. Then NATO.
        Worrying times.

    1. To your comment below “White trash back in the White House” are you being serious, that comment should make you a racist by those two words. If I were to make comments like “Black trash out of the WHITE House” you and “others” would call me a racist. Or does it only work one way?

      1. “oh dear, oh dear” is that your way of an apology. Take a good look at President Elect Trump (whether you or others like it or not that is what he is), he is a long, long way from being referred to as “White Trash” such disgusting words – 2 words!

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