Racial and religious hate crimes surged by 41% after Brexit — Metro

This is the psychological impact of Brexit. It’s given licence to xenophobes and racists to attack anyone who they consider foreign. It’s disgusting! These fascists need locking up!
The government should be ashamed. They are stoking all this hatred through their policies – all businesses reporting foreigners – schools reporting the origin of children. It stinks. It’s like what happened to Jews in Germany before the war, prior to the holocaust.


Hate crimes surged by 41% after the referendum (Picture: Getty Images/Metro.co.uk)Hate crimes jumped by more than two-fifths in the wake of the referendum result, official figures have revealed. The number of alleged racially and religiously aggravated offences recorded by police in July was 41% higher than in the same month last year. Russia tells officials…

via Racial and religious hate crimes surged by 41% after Brexit — Metro

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37 thoughts on “Racial and religious hate crimes surged by 41% after Brexit — Metro

      1. Don’t you dare turn it round on me to make out that I am a racist by your quote “aren’t you concerned with the hatred that has been unleashed”. You really go out of your way to make me in the wrong when I challenge you, don’t play me for a fool Opher. If the Country has so much hatred unleashed, why then don’t you clear out of it. If its that bad go and live in another Country.

        I heard from someone in America today and to see what has happened to that Country its absolutely frightening, and Trump nor Clinton have made the White House yet, this is Eight Years under Obama not my words. You don’t realize how lucky you are to be living here we all take it for granted. As bad as it may appear this is the one Country they all want to flood too, that bad Opher, looks like it. You have a good Pension as a Teacher you can afford to live abroad if its really full of hatred and people are being attacked, that bad with all the Hatred ALL the attacks on Foreigners?

        What you want is for someone to agree with all you say all the time no one that argues or strongly debates with you. Well I wont be like that, be two faced for you. Andrew does not always agree and I don’t you cannot make a fool out of him but you try it on with me.

      2. That is not what I meant at all Anna. I was in no way suggesting you were being racist. Why turn on me like that. I asked if you weren’t concerned with the way the racists in the country have seized upon Brexit as an excuse to vent their hatred on foreigners. That is what is happening and I think we should all be concerned no matter how we voted. You take things the wrong way.
        This is my country. It’s the best place in the world as far as I’m concerned and I don’t want it overrun with racists and xenophobes. They need standing up to by all decent people.
        There is no way I am trying to make a fool out of you.

  1. I read the article. Lordy! We haven’t come to that yet. That’s truly shocking… Both our countries have taken such huge steps backwards. We’ll be in the stone age before we know it! As I was telling Anna this morning, Putin has called for all Russians here to come home to the Motherland. Now folks here are worrying about a nuclear attack. There’s bad blood between Clinton and Putin. Putin is saying a vote for Clinton is a vote for nuclear war.

      1. What checks do you refer to?
        She plays a very big hand in the power behind the scene. She wasn’t Secretary of State for nothing.
        She basically passed herself as fit for candidacy.
        Check her in-house track record – anybody that crossed her was finished and thrown to the political doldrums.

        Perhaps Russia has tired of US aggression – we tend to forget that it is either directly or indirectly affected by it.
        In real terms Russia has stayed very quiet and has not flexed its muscles. Let’s be thankful for that.

        Given that Trump has on numerous occasions said he would prefer to negotiate with world tyranny – particularly that in Middle East and north Africa, perhaps Russia supports this tactic, rather than the destruction deployed by the current administration.

      2. The checks I’m referring too are precisely the ones Obama has been hamstrung by. The power of the President is limited and he/she is limited in what they can do. There are times when that is a very good thing.
        I think we’re all tired of American aggression. They sure have shown enough of it around the world. But so have the Russians.
        The Russians have a lot of motives to support Trump I’m sure. A while ago any attempt by Russia to interfere so openly in American politics would have caused a landslide of public opinion and government response. They are blatant. Their open support of Trump (hacking and releasing damaging material and now scare tactics – makes you wonder why they want Trump so bad? Maybe he’s a commie spy?)
        Looks dangerous to me.
        Before the Muslims it was the blacks and before them the commies. It’s like 1984 – they keep changing the enemy to vent hate at. Will it be commies again? They need to unite against a common foe!

    1. Cheryl I read what you said about Putin and that surprises me and I need to figure that out. Please do not take it that this Country is full of hatred and people are being attacked all the time as Opher would have it. Hull maybe the exception I don’t know. This Town I live in we have so many Poles/Romanians and others and yet there has not been one report of any foreigner being attacked. When I take Daisy for a walk along the Promenade, it worries me when I want to go through the lovely gardens there because on the benches and on the floor are drunks/drug addicts all foreigners, they shout away in their own language. Its not a case of them not feeling safe its a case of us worried what they may do to us. The Poles take up the shops and really don’t want the English in them. This is my Country, we are far too soft not hard enough. The Government are Not making lists of people or children to round up like “the Jews” were, as again Opher hit on. I guess Opher will be saying next all the foreigners are stamped and wearing arm bands to indicate what they are.

      There are problems here but I heard from someone today from your Country and what it is like now was shocking to me, as bad as Opher may think this Country is he does not know how lucky he is, we all take it for granted. As for this Country taking a step back, we have not we are out of Europe it cost far too much to be in it, we were tied to them for too long. Those that did not want to leave have to accept the democratic choice that was made, and we all have to work together.

      I have told you Cheryl I feel very worried for you. There is no choice, but I have heard there is a Third Party why do the press not give this coverage. You have no choice and no one until all those Votes are cast can really say who will win. I never believe Polls. Both sides have enough people out there to cause trouble I just hope it will not happen.

      1. A 41% rise in reported hate crime is pretty bad Anna. But that isn’t saying that people are attacked all the time. The people I know all report a change in attitude and a rise in xenophobic/racist attitudes. That is deplorable but I’m not suggesting that the whole country is racist or there are attacks every day all around.
        I don’t condone it and I want it to stop. I want the racists to get the message that they have not got a licence to abuse.

    1. Well that is very timely Cheryl. I was just discussing that with a friend this afternoon who has just read it. I’ve had four different perspectives fed back to me in the last weeks. I’ll be really interested to hear what you have to say. I hope you enjoy it.

  2. I’d doubt Trump is a “commie spy” – that’s just a little bit too juvenile and Kentucky-type mentality for me.
    I couldn’t compare Russia with USA in terms of aggression. Russia operate on a much lesser scale.
    It also wouldn’t be the first time that Russia tries to upset the cart – they’ve done so in every election since the 1940s. It’s only now that it’s obvious.
    America has had decades to coin a new threat.
    They did that in 2000.

    1. Aaaah – not so good at picking out the jests coming the other way then.
      Pretty similar if you ask me. Ask Georgia, Crimea and Ukraine how they feel about it? Or perhaps the Syrians? Or go back to Chechnia and Afghanistan? Not much to choose I’d say.
      I have never seen anything so intense and blatant as their support for Trump – the hacking (and stupid encouragement from Trump) and latest threats are unparalleled.

      1. Given that Georgia, Crimea, Ukraine, Chechnia are all former USSR states – there’s the difference. Something to do will oil and gas supplies needing secured and not tampered with, me thinks. It’s all centred around the one area and hardly indicative of empire building. I don’t see any Russian fleet muscling around in SE Asia, with bases on the Philippines, do you? Or South America? Or West Africa? Or the Mediterranean?
        Keep it in perspective, Opher.

        Do you realise perhaps why they offer this support?
        Did you see the interview with the Russian UK based diplomat on the BBC the other night?
        They fear that Clinton is gung-ho enough to start throwing weapons around. A double-whammy I know coming from a Russian, but they perceive her and co to be a serious threat.

        Like I keep telling you – there are many angles to complex issues.

      2. Or no longer former States. I think the people in those countries might have a different view of things to you – but either way.
        My take on Clinton/Trump is different to yours. I think he’s the maverick big-mouth who is more likely to sound off and throw his weight around than she is. But lets agree to differ on that one – eh?
        I thought it was me telling you that there are no easy answers to complex problems.

  3. Actually it was just 2 countries/territories who had a spot of bother having interfered with gas or oil pipes – Ukraine and Georgia would be most likely for that, with the other 2, something to do with independence – or failed attempts to independence as the case was.

  4. Your post has generated a full-blooded discussion with no holds barred. A visiting alien would get a pretty good idea of the complexity of the issues from reading it. We don’t seem to be advancing towards internationalism at the moment. We are retreating behind national walls while the problems we face are stubbornly global. Homer Simpson for World President … D’Oh!!!

    1. Progress is slow. Two paces forward three back sometimes. It’ll happen. I just hope it happens quick enough. For some reason my computer seems to think your replies are spam. I’ve had to dig them all out. Why is it doing that all of a sudden?

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