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    1. Hi Tub – I will sure miss your stuff on WB. But it really does seem to have gone nuts over there. Thanks for following! Nice to keep in contact!

  1. Hello Opher, Tree Party here. Another refugee from WB who was discouraged by the meanness and meagerness of intellect on display there. But I did recognize you as a kindred spirit. I was also born in 1949, proud member of the Berkeley tribe! Was also steeped in the cultural zeitgeist of the 60’s with Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Jethro Tull, Traffic and Blind Faith et al. I just thought I’d touch base, encourage your literary endeavors, and keep in touch a little.

    Here’s a local event that might interest you. Musical performances are archived. Jay-Bob sez; check it out!
    Cheers! If you’re ever in the SF Bay Area, look me up! (I live pretty close to Ryan Messano – man, he is HE a fish out of water in the People’s Republic!)

    1. Cheers Jay – great to hear from you. Yes the last days of WB were a bit fraught. I think there was a bit of a take over wasn’t there?
      It’s good to connect with a kindred spirit! Those sixties days were great. I stayed in SF in 1971 and made some good friends! The music was great too!
      If I ever get back I’ll be sure to look you up and maybe we could share a beer and a story or two?
      Ryan is a brainwashed sad case – the victim of a bad upbringing I reckon.
      Thanks for the links.
      Keep in touch – all the best – Opher

  2. I’d like to try out this site to see if I like it but I notice that the only religion you mention as being welcome is atheism, and I’m a Christian. Was it an oversight, or are Christians excluded? No problem either way.

    1. Individuum – If that is the case then it’s an oversight. I welcome everyone. I am an antitheist because I believe all religion does more harm than good. I am an atheist because I think religion is manmade. But I am tolerant and respectful of anybody’s beliefs. You are most welcome there are many Christians on my blog and we get along well.

    2. Individuum,
      Idon’t think you’ve read much here, as you’re “new”. I guess this is a question only Xtains would ask. If it was their blog, of course non-believers would be excluded. And you say you are an Xtain. OK. Tell us, is keeping kids in cages, allowing only people with money that can afford healthcare be allowed into a country, or how food stamps and other “safety net” programs be taken away from “those awful poor people,” all of them lazy, colored? Hmmm. I was, in my minority, forced into a church by a parent. Read a bit about Christ before leaving when a pastor threw a fit over me not believing the world was 5000 years old. Seemed Chriist was always telling folks to care for the people absolutely abhorred and reviled by Trumpist Xtains. You? just sayin’ and asking.

      1. Hey Jeff! Great to see you here. Hope all is well with you.
        I also comment on another site that is full of confused Trumpies, many of them worshiping the Orange AntiChrist while calling themselves “Christians”.
        I find it entertaining to try and talk some sense into these hypocrites who are taught to love their fellow humans, care for the Earth and it’s creatures, and work for the harmony of humanity, yet believe and endorse virtually everything the Orange Buffoon says.
        As a study of society, I honestly believe we are observing exactly what happens when a Dictatorship begins it’s takeover process.
        Bill H (Sluggo)

      2. Hi Sluggo! I had a look at that site. I am tempted to have a go but have too many writing projects on at the moment. When I’ve got a bit of room!
        Glad to see some of the old gang here!

  3. Hi. Coming over to check out the blog.
    Concerning the religion thing:
    Clearly you aren’t intolerant of people with religion. Leaving the question of whether religion is manmade alone, I can tell you from a personal standpoint that mine is way more positive than negative in my life, and positive in ways that should make sense to you as positive. My religion reinforces my liberalism and my sense of social responsibility, it gives me a community, it gives me a sense of continuity, and it has helped me through some major personal losses.

    I find the question of “Religion, yes or no?” irrelevant and useless. Religions are too diverse for a one size fits all answer. Some are going to reinforce tolerance, some are going to reinforce intolerance, and there is no reason to take an average rather than treating the phenomenon in the detail it deserves.

    Also, arguments about the consequences of religion tend to focus on one side. For example, let’s look at the American Civil War. You have probably heard that religion was used in the South to justify slavery. It was. What people don’t tend to mention while making that argument is that religion had a far greater role in abolitionism, a fire and brimstone evangelical role.. I went to a college in Ohio founded by serious fundamentalists that was racially integrated a quarter century before the Civil War. Look up John Brown. Or look at the most popular Union song, which used the melody of John Brown’s Body. This is the fourth verse:

    In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea
    With a glory in His bosom that transfigured you and me
    As He died to make men holy let us die to make men free
    While God is marching on

    Glory, glory hallelujah…..

    I can’t make the case more eloquently than that.

    1. Hi Kosher – it is really nice of you to drop by. You are very welcome.
      No I am not intolerant of anyone’s sincerely held beliefs.
      My views on religion are evident in what I write. I do think it is manmade, used for power and has done more harm than good. But that is my take. I am fine with religion as long as children are not being brainwashed, it isn’t used to divide or create hatred and there is no hypocrisy.
      I am glad to hear that you find it a positive force in your life – many people do and more power to them.
      Yes religion can be used for good and yes it can emphasise the caring and compassionate side of people. In my observations though it all too often is used to create guilt or support violent and intolerant behaviour.
      I want to live in a world where we all get along with respect for each other’s views, much argument and discussion but no violence, aggression or intolerance. We should respect and care for each other as well as the planet!
      In that spirit I welcome you.

  4. Opher,
    Here I am, another WB refugee. Nice to see so many familiar names among these comments. I have a WordPress blog, too, where I’ve duplicated my WB posts. Also looking forward to meeting up on the transmogrified WB forum.

    1. Welcome Katharine. It would be good to have some intelligence from your great mind. Yes we do seem to have a handful of WB refugees. It’s nice to see.
      I will check out your blog when I get a minute. I’m up to my eyes writing another Sci-fi novel right now – Quantum Fever. It’s taking most of my headspace. I will also join Stone’s WB refuge. Not quite sure how to get there yet!
      Anyway – all the best Katharine. I look forward to some intense debate!

  5. Glad to see some of the real WB mindpower coming over here. Hopefully it stays clear of the Orange Buffoon Minions.
    Love your stuff!

    1. Thanks Bill. It’s nice to see you over here. Thankfully the brainwashed imbeciles have not showed up. I don’t think I’m their cup of tea.
      You are most welcome!

    1. Thank you Joao for sending that through to me. It is heartening to see that my photo has been of some use in such a good cause – all the best – Opher.

      1. Hi Trevor, It is posting. It is just that due to trolling it has to now go through moderation before appearing. Sorry about that.
        Yes it is me! Not exactly green. I’m the one with the fair hair!

  6. Hey Opher:
    Nice to see you are still hanging in there. I have a WordPress site too, maybe you can comment on it, or take a look. I sure would appreciate the positive ‘feedback’.
    I remember we famously debated about Bob Dylan, and also religion-theism-the existence of a Creator of this Universe.
    Bob Dylan in the 60 minutes interview said he doesn’t where those songs came from and that there was a magic to them( i.e. Spiritual magic), he says he couldn’t have done it without making a deal with the ‘ Master and Commander’ of this world and one we can’t see.
    Bob Dylan is a very religious Born Again-er. But, you have written many articles about him. Is he deluded to think Spiritual religious magic helped him?

      1. But he isn’t anymore. It was a phase he went through. I don’t know what he is now. He uses a lot of imagery from the Old Testament because it is rich in imagery. It’s a good source.
        Thanks for the link.

    1. Hi Barath – welcome to my blog. Yes I’ll go over and have a look at yours.
      Yes Dylan went through his Born Again phase. He also went through a fundamentalist Jewish phase and a skeptical phase. He changes with the wind.
      As for not knowing where those songs came from – who does? I write books and when the ideas flow they come out of nowhere.
      I have written many articles about him and his songs on my blog. You’d have to trawl through to find them though. I think I’ve got nearly 4000 posts.

      1. In, Masters of War, which you praised he mentioned Jesus not forgiving what they do. That was early in his career. It’s a bit angry, which he admits. I think every record he did since the late 70’s was religious. They used to boo him for it at concerts.
        But, Every Grain of Sand, the outtake from the Booltleg series is one of my favorites. Have you listened to that one?
        In any case he thinks it came from the Spirit or the Lord, so that’s a testimonial of sorts. I think some of what he does goes beyond normal human ability.

      2. Yes Barath he mentions Jesus and uses the Bible as a reference in a lot of his work – as many poets do. But that is not at all surprising. He was brought up Jewish in a country that is steeped in Christianity. Americans have a common language of religion. But Dylan was not at all overtly religious until 1979 when he went through his born again religious phase.
        It is not true to say this phase lasted into his later work. Slow Train Coming, Saved and Shot of Love were his religious albums. All the ones that followed did not have that religious theme.

  7. Opher, I would argue that denying the Spirit and the world beyond denies the infinite possibilities of the world beyond. Man is inherently selfish. Why should people not just follow greed or self interest if there is no Creator? I think we both like music and poetry and art, literature and history, but to some people those things are meaningless. Maybe only sex, money and what they do has value to them, but that seems to be anti – intellectual. If there is no Lord than everything might be meaningless to people, but one’s self.me
    Every society needs some philosophy that it is based on. What would replace religion?

    1. Hi Barath,
      Yes, you are right. Most people are superficial and worship wealth, fame and celebrity, indulge in instant gratification and live shallow lives; but I contend that is no reason to create imaginary deities in order to give them false purpose. I think we should give real meaning to life – a respect and nurturing of nature, the discovery of wonders, the appreciation of beauty, the celebration of creativity, compassion for people and creatures. They are much more meaningful to me. I don’t need a human created god to give me purpose.

  8. Guess I forgot who Sluggo was on WB. Well, regardless…hi there, Sluggo. Perhaps our words will cross here. Penning a couple of short “Italy stories” I will post. Village life anywhere has always been a rich and rewarding experience for me and was the case for the Italy stay, too. It was made even better by sharing it with my wife in-person.

    1. Hi Jeff – On WB, I was Bill H until just after you departed. Glad your enjoying your new territory. I’m still working on making it to N.Z. (I have relatives there), but there is a ton of red tape, especially since I’m retired.

      1. Been to both islands many times. my cousin lives in Rotorua, and is an avid fisherman. He was able to get me to some fishing spots that one can only dream of in the states. The Kiwi’s are very conservation minded, and he taught me the art of “hookless” fly fishing, which I am trying to promote locally. My wife worked for the airlines, so we have done much world travelling. N.Z. is by far my favorite country in the world.

      2. I have heard such great reports about NZ. I have good friends out in OZ. We talk about meeting up in NZ, getting a van together and having a good tour round. But it is a bit expensive to hire a suitable van.

      3. Ah, OK. Good to to be in contact, Bill. I do hope you get to NZ. You plan to immigrate? Ain’t being retired a real gas? LOL My wife’s now retired and swear her smile gets brighter each day.

      4. I am going to try and immigrate, but it looks quite complicated and I have heard that they just don’t let anybody in. It helps if you have a skill that they need, but I’m retired!
        I make the moves and really push hard if the Orange Dictator happens to get re-elected. Things are really starting to get shitty here for sure!

  9. I know this work, or at least learning it. And always a lot to do, the needed then desired efforts. Never a dull moment. LOL

  10. Agreed re: aging, but yeah, accomplished a lot since I retired, and now my partner *(wife) has retired, so there are two of us. Both of us has loved our retired time together, finally have all the time we want together.

  11. Recently reminded of that healthy thing. Decades trouble free, then aging out, a couple of longer stays in hospital. Enough of that, on with the show until curtain.

      1. Not slowing either of us down much, it seems. Can still carry on carrying on. Best of luck with the elections tomorrow.

      2. Right on Jeff.

        Carry on
        Love is coming
        Love is coming to us all

        Where are you going now, my love?
        Where will you be tomorrow?
        Will you bring me happiness?
        Will you bring me sorrow?

  12. Doesn’t sound good for election outcome. My guess is Trumpy will get the type of vote the Tories have had. Sorry, mate. UK deserves better. I can’t believe the UK is vesting a bunch of nazi-like Pez Dispensers like we’ve got in the States.

      1. Look on the bright side; both were born in New York and have an orange appearance. We have something in common now. You don’t have to make another Baby Trump. You can just call it Baby Trump or Baby BoJo depending on circumstances. Another thing they have in common is winning under extremely adverse circumstances to defeat the Deep State and do the will of the people, for better or worse. Glad AOC could help. Let us know if there is anything else we can do.

      2. You mean there’s a bright side?
        In terms of what you can do?? Well we could distract from the terrible truth by organising an alien invasion or something!

  13. Best you can do, maybe, is endure. And it’s, “ta daaaah!” Leroy. Chiming in. Any luck getting the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 back into law, Leroy? No? Gee… LOL. You still calling yourself a patriot, or just given in to being a Trumpist? Seems there’s no shortage of stupid and gullible voters on both sides of the Atlantic. nd now, like a blast from the colonial past, we have an Orange King. Now lets get some Trumpist raving about “the Constitution.” We had one, but Trumpists don’t like it, so it has to go. We can loan you our king, opher… 🙂

    1. I think you can keep him Jeff. We’ve got enough problems. I think that back in the 60s the planet went through a cloud of hallucinogens that woke up minds, mellowed people out and caused them to love and share. Recently it’s been going through a cloud of hate gas that causes people to turn nasty, greedy and selfish and has brought out the racism, xenophobia and belligerence. Hopefully we’ll come out the other side soon and people will get back to being nice to each other.

      1. Hopefully the Orange Buffoon’s experiment in Dictatorship and eliminating our Constitution is nearing it’s end. I suspect it will be a lesson learned by all.
        Even the gullible Trump minions who have been taught to respect authority (thereby falling right into the clutches of a Fascist Authoritarian) will hopefully have learned to question authority in the future. A lesson that sadly many Germans had to learn the hard way back in WW2.

      2. Hi Bill – I’m not sure any lessons have been learnt. Some people refuse to see what is right before their eyes! Let’s hope that Trump has had his day – what a huge mistake.
        We’ve now got Brexit and five years of Tory mayhem, destruction and greed with Johnson (Trump-lite).

  14. Happy Saturnalia, folks. Sadly, I predict Orange Turd will get another four years. I believe opher and Bill H (Sluggo) know why, Trevor. The simple minds swilling conspiracy kool-aid find conspiracies provide “all the simple answers,” complex problems, regardless of how silly or vapid. Consider why so many folks in the states went for a “reality” TV star as president.

    1. Life has become a reality show that is totally unreal.
      I wouldn’t be surprised. Right now I wouldn’t be surprised at anything. I have witnessed such ignorance and stupidity anything is possible!

      1. Stopped by a localwanted grocery store, and ran into a pack of idiots carrying signs accusing the store chain of participating in the dreaded “War against Xmas.” Seems the store wanted employees to say “Happy holidays” as a seasonal greeting. Not all their customers are Xtains. The small mob of Xtains see this as part of the supposed ongoing “war” against Xmas. About half of the “protestors” had MAGA hats. several had “Trump” tshirts. Couldn’t help saying the hats and shirts clearly identified the morons. Which drew boos and jeers. The incoming artillery barrage as part of the war drowned out other nasty comments, but my upraised middle finger supplied my thoughts. LOL Yup, a breakout of total idiocy. Not going to get better. Happy holidays, folks.

  15. Trumpism and Trumpists, now, can do no wrong. Just ask them. Being racist and bigoted is now “OK.” No, it’s not. But like all those angry faces shouting and waving signs proclaiming their upset over the right wing crap about the “War on Xmas,” a Fox news holiday staple, it is amusing when the same angry white people talk about starting a civil war if Trumpy loses. Message: you better hope he wins or you will die. BTW and no surprise. Some of the same faces from the grocery store were picketing the nearby Planned Parenthood, keeping America safe for babies they don’t want anything to do with. Like most “prolifers”, the message is without contraception or abortion, you’ll make babies. If you don’t want babies, like us, give up sex. Sex, like wealth and food is, only for white people that can afford it. Why I despair.

    1. I find it scary the way Trump and Brexit have legitimised this hatred and conservatism. They think they had a right to dictate to others – with the threat of violence. Racism is now OK. Violence is OK. It is as if fascism has been let out of the bag. I think it goes back to 9/11. It has generated a fear. That fear has created a bunker mentality. These people feel their life and values are under attack. They’re at war.

      1. Now the Trumpanzees are saying “Trump is not officially impeached until the articles are delivered to Congress”. From what I remember, when the vote is made to impeach, he is impeached. Congress simply conducts the trial to remove him from office.

      2. Yes Bill – you are right. He has been impeached. The trial in the senate will find him not guilty (stacked with republican trumpos) but he will still have been impeached.

  16. Yup, Bill H, you are correct, but that doesn’t stop Trumpists from declaring otherwise. When Nixon got nailed, I was “working press” being a news director at a radio station. When the tapes finally came out, the obvious truth was like turning an artillery piece on the Whitehouse. Of course, whether truth or a 155mm shell, there will be nobody harmed or phased in the Whitehouse, this outing. Melnoma and Lord Barron don’t even live there. Of course, the first lady might get hit if she’s over in the Lincoln bedroom to pee on Trumpy. 🙂

    1. It seems unbelievable to me. Trump and Johnson do all this stuff and people laugh it off. At least with Nixon they were shocked. Now they accept it and even condone it. It’s disgusting.

  17. Trumpist “base’ loves it all. You asked elsewhere about why some people become fascists. Although not NECESSARILY fascist, most Trumpists, I believe love Sadism, and just not seeing people hurt, but really making them hurt. It’s not sexual, it’s primal, much like their so-called “tribalism”(an excuse).. They can take their “tribalism” and shove it someplace the sun don’t shine, painfully. One reason I could care less for all these “good white people” are losing their tactical majority, not getting work, and them and theirs becoming junkies. Good. And I’m not concerned how nobody was listening to what they have to say. I know, it’s all suppose to be good cheer right now, seasonally. I suppose my goodwill extends to them getting some high=test junk to use, and their daughters and sons get a change of sheets at the Motel 6 they peddle their worthless backsides in at the truck stop. Bah!!

    1. Here’s a comment I offered on another site that drew some attention:

      Many Trump-supporters I have known since I was young were those who were raised to respect authority no matter what and had very strict parents or spent time in the military at lower rank. One thing they all seem to have in common is that they easily fell for Trump’s “authoritative” display and delivery methods.
      I suspect he has used this tool for many years dealing with the “common folk” during business deals, and most likely learned it from his father. I believe Trump targeted this group for support, knowing that they would not only believe virtually anything he says, but go along with anything he does, knowing that they never question authority and become even more submissive when observing him retaliate on those who oppose them. I worked many years for an ultra-narcissistic authoritative boss who would only have things his way to appease his ego and self-recognition, and would neither accept criticism or offer praise to others. His only “tool” to get things done was keeping the fear of job loss well instilled in his employees. He was finally fired when it was found that he had been not only imbezzling from the company for years, but had been reported multiple times for sexual harassment. After he was let go, I was surprised to find that many who had worked under this person thought his termination was unfair, even though they had worked for years being blamed for everything that went wrong and receiving no recognition for work above and beyond the call of duty.

      1. Bill – I think you’re right. Sheeple like that authoritarian, black and white approach. They like to be bullied, lied to and treated like scum. It makes them feel secure. For some reason they don’t mind the corruption and sleaze that goes with those people. They accept it as part of the package whereas in other people they’d be calling for blood. Clinton is a good example. Trump has done far worse.

      2. Think this sweeping characterisation of ‘poor white people’ is not helpful.
        As Atticus Finch said, most people are sound when you get under their skin or in their shoes (or something like that).
        Of course people are ill-informed, manipulated or ignorant but it is the billionaires and their right wing media and lies like Fox News and the Daily Mail, Sun and Daily Express in the uk that need to be taken down. How?
        Keep up countering their lies. In U.K. they’ve ‘killed Corbyn’, now they’re trying to kill ‘Corbynism’ (there’s no such thing as the statesman himself said).
        We need radical economics (zero or ‘negative growth’) and Labour have to find a leader who can sneak the right policies under the neoliberal radar as it were, not compromise like Blair.

      3. Hi Trevor – yes I agree. The Media is dire. I don’t know what you can do. It’s open war. They are feeding a constant stream of lies and abuse. People like Corbyn are targeted. I don’t know how we get through. Hopefully a leader will come through and pull Excalibur from the stone.
        I hope Georgina and you have a great Christmas and brilliant New Year!

      4. Bill, I think that I represent the majority view. I voted for Trump because he was orders of magnitude better than the alternative. I will vote from him again because he has delivered. Like most, I am repulsed by his behavior. I am embarrassed to fully embrace him because I don’t know what he will say or do in the future. I don’t openly support him because of all the deranged progressive liberals who wouldn’t think twice about burning my house down.

      5. Leroy – only gullible fools vote for Trump. He’s certainly delivered – he torn up the environmental and workplace protection, given massive handouts to the rich, started a trade war, sorted out Iran and Korea, alienated his allies and improved Syria and the ME. All he’s done is short term. The major problems that he’s sown are coming further down the line. Then there’s climate denial, lies, corruption and an uncouth manner that has lowered the esteem of the US abroad. He’s seen as a retarded plonker over here. The mainstream media present him as a moron. It reflects on the American people. Good luck with that. We’ve got a smaller dose of that here with Johnson. Festive greetings to you.

      6. Leroy-
        You, as it seems are many Americans are afflicted with DSAE (Dominance-Submissive Authoritarian Embrace), which is actually recognized by clinical psychologists and of which I described some points in my post earlier.
        You believe exactly what you are told to believe by the administration, and that would be expected. In this case, believing to you is both respect and comfort.
        In reality, Trump has managed to turn our country in the wrong direction by dividing the population, unbalancing the economy, turning on our Allies, handing control over to the corporations, attempting a Dictatorship, and preparing us for takeover by the highest bidder (and I think most of us know who this is).
        I see the truth, which to me is uncomforting.

  18. Shrikisan Laxminarayan Sarada
    Solapur, India
    12 January 1931
    Cause of death
    Known for
    Indian Independence Movement

    Explain murder against the Royal family in 1930.
    You are seen as evil devil worshippers by the Lord and Angels worshippers of the little Bastard on the Cross.

    1. Don’t be silly Barath. The British were just one in many invasions – probably less bloody than those before. It’s the same story all over the world.
      The British are no more evil than the Indians. As for religion – well I’m an antitheist. All religions are equally bad. I’d ban them all. Based on superstition and used by people for power! All created by men!

  19. Ah, a demonstration of “the singleminded Barath of gawd.” Apparently ol Barath doesn’t mind the mistreatment of Muslims in India TODAY, instead of whining about British colonialism that ENDED in 1947. “What are you doing?” “I’m praying to Vishnu.” “Vishnu? “I don’t know, Vishnu with you?”

  20. Alas, Bill H thinks Trumpists can be educated. Sadly Trumpy for prez yard signs or MAGA hats are just signs you can use to tell stupid from a distance. Consider ol Leroy. he talks about what Trumpy has gotten “done,” but can’t tell us about loving the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and how it should be law again to keep out the yellow hoards. Here’s a tune for ol Leroy, and maybe he’s the beard in it,: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9FzVhw8_bY

    1. Jeff – I don’t believe that DSAE can be “cured” per se. It is apparently usually accompanied by Social Dominance Orientation (SDO, a structure in which the high-status groups have dominance over the low-status ones), and in many cases, distrust for others who are “different”, hence the commonality of racial prejudice within the group.
      Obviously Trump knows (or was instructed) how to manipulate this group to his advantage, and create the political division that his heros (Putin/ Kim Jong Un, Adolph Hitler) used to keep their power. I believe that it was his early mentor and lawyer Roy Cohn during the early ’70s who was also responsible for creating this monster that we are now dealing with.
      It will be interesting to see what happens if something finally comes out about Trump prior to the next election that even shocks Trump supporters and finally makes them realize that they actually have been duped and deceived in their choice of a “leader”.
      Maybe making them feel disgraced and ignorant within their peer group will create the “spark” and possibly even be the key to re-uniting this country and actually serve as a positive lesson to everyone.
      I suspect deeply that Trump is hiding something big, and it won’t be long before it rears it’s ugly head.
      Stay tuned!

      1. Bill – It is amazing how this zeitgeist keeps appearing in human civilisation. We suddenly get a surge of right-wing hysteria that promotes fascism, racism and populism. It always ends badly. I think that they reinforce the very worst aspects of each other – the selfishness, greed, siege mentality, intolerance and hatred. It is born of fear and insecurity.

    2. “Consider ol Leroy. he talks about what Trumpy has gotten “done,” but can’t tell us about loving the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and how it should be law again to keep out the yellow hoards.”

      Yeah. We gotta keep those yellow bellies out…you know; like my wife and son.

      ‘It will be interesting to see what happens if something finally comes out about Trump prior to the next election that even shocks Trump supporters and finally makes them realize that they actually have been duped and deceived in their choice of a “leader”.’

      It’s more likely that O will be indicted for crimes against Trump. How would that strike those sufferers of TDS and OMB?

      “I suspect deeply that Trump is hiding something big, and it won’t be long before it rears it’s ugly head.”

      I suspect you are right. Hopefully, it is an indictment of Clinton.

      “If this trend is not stopped in the next election, then we will be in full-on Fascism/ Authoritarianism/Corporatism mode. ”

      Put an end to Fascism. End the reign of terror. Vote Trump!

      Finally, the British have turned the corner and have done something sensible. There’s hope after all. They say it’s a conspiracy between BoJo and Macron for France to take over control of the EU from Germany. Either way, the Brits win. I pity anyone under French control.

      1. Hey Leroy – France is a great place. The food, the freedom, art, wine, fashion and people. I love it there.
        I think you’re much too into conspiracy theories. Bojo isn’t capable. He’s a buffoon like Trump.
        Never mind. People will wake up one day.
        Happy New Year Leroy!!

      2. I was awaiting your admission about wife and son. Now don’t you want them sent back to China, like sending latinos back to any latino nation? Gee, you Trumpists share one thing, regardless of the Trumpy: You’re all screaming hypocrites. How come, like your Trumpy pards, you aren’t saying if Trumpy isn’t reelected, you’ll start a civil war? And typical Trumpist nonsense, now there’s another conspiracy that just noise (Macron and Bolo). Hey, now you’ve admitted you’ve relations with “stained fuuriners,” are you going to admit fiddling with mail in ballots to throw elections in NC? Gee, some of us pity anyone under control of Trump. Some of us actually mourn the death of democracy in the US.

  21. Jeff, to the Lord that came before this universe 13.7 billion years ago 70 years or 352 years ago is not a long time. British colonialism never truly ended since they have not returned all India’s history and religious texts back. The Hope Diamond is on display in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C.

      1. Steady on Opher!
        Some mixing up here of politics (Trump) and religion.
        Don’t know if Barath is a Hindu fundamentalist, may be, maybe not.
        He seems to be complaining about colonialism.
        Is the Lord (Brahma, Shiva, Krśna) the same as ‘our Lord’? An interesting question!
        Anyway, Hindu cosmology is great fun see https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hindu_cosmology
        Enjoyed a slightly bizarre Quaker meeting visiting York this morning.

      2. Hi Trevor – It’s OK. Barath and me go back a ways. It gets a bit bizarre at times! A mixture of Hindu religion, politics and colonialism. He lives in the States.
        He views Christian gods as the devil and Christians as evil.
        In what way was your Quaker meeting strange? I need to get back in contact with my bereaved friend don’t I?

    1. Maybe it is actually fear-based, or the fear comes with the syndrome. This could also account for the high amount of “Evangelists” that seem to be attracted to him, even with his obvious moral issues, hate, and dictatorial ways. Actually, fear is also all too often a dominant theme of their political life.

      1. This rise of the right always seems to come out of times of struggle, hardship and adversity Bill. People turn against outsiders, look for scapegoats and develop this isolationist siege mentality. They turn to populist, black and white leaders, who strut and spout. They think they are powerful and will protect them and make all their problems disappear. How wrong they are!

      2. Oh strange because someone had a personal issue with grief and bereavement and family problems and spoke at length and somewhat incoherently about it.
        Then an American Quaker visiting had had a very nasty fall outside the Minster involving much blood and ambulance and turned out to be from my previous area meeting in London.
        Another (originally) American Friend wanted to speak to us in Spanish.
        As for your bereaved friend – yes maybe!

      3. Yes that does sound weird. A set of bizarre events.
        When we return from Brazil I will catch up a bit more. I’ve been far too engrossed in writing.

  22. The pre-election and post-election mantra of Trumpist is how coastal stolen. Not by those “coastal elites” who aren’t “listening to ‘us'” in flyover America. With reason: you flyovers have nothing to say and remained completely silent as you were being screwed over, fearing “if we say something, ‘They’ will take further measures,” so cowered in silence while your stinky world was taken away by the same corporatists Trump says will save you. Scapegoats make for comforting blame. Shoot more junk, flyovers!!! Then you can further believe another 15,000 lies by your orange buddy, Trumpy and the Trump crime family. It’s those judges that are important. So you flyovers sell your children into prostitution to pay for your drug habits. Awwwwwwwwww. I couldn’t care less, you brought this on yourselves. Abject cruelty to migrants might make you feel better, but your love of cruelty make you less than human, IMO.

    And to my buddy, barath of gawd? You pre Big bang rant is to prove what? Prove you ignore contemporary realities in ol Mother India, still blaming Britain for all your problems? Your comment reminds me of a passage from “the Sopranos” where Tony and a henchman are going from Starbucks to Starbucks (called a modified name that’s very impolite), the henchman complaining how Starbucks had stolen italian heritage and culture, so steals a stove top express pot to “get back”. Hmmm.

      1. If this trend is not stopped in the next election, then we will be in full-on Fascism/ Authoritarianism/Corporatism mode. It will be all about the quickest short-term profits for the big corporations who will control our lives with absolutely no regard for the average person. Everything will cater to the ultra-rich, who will benefit from the profits for the remainder of their years on this planet at the expense of destroying what was once a great country and way of life.
        Sadly, the people that will suffer the most will be the ones Trump relies on the most for his support.

      2. Bill – people do not seem to behave rationally. They seem to be voting for the things that will hurt them most.
        Let’s hope that Trump gets his comeuppance!

  23. I don’t see any change coming that will oust Trump, save an in-depth look at his finance and tax records. The slim reality in Trumpland would be lost if the big TV star turned out to be broke. His supposed wealth keeps Trumpists thinking “It’ll be me next!!!” And lying cheating and stealing are okay if you’re a Trumpist, but even his money laundering might do the trick to get folks to the polls.

    1. Looks pretty close – which is amazing given his record and disapproval rating. He has the worst approval ratings in history. But I think reasonable, intelligent people will turn out to stop the destructive imbecile wrecking the planet. In the face of all the evidence does he still think there isn’t any global warming?
      It seems that people are OK with lying, cheating, philandering and uncouth behaviour. They don’t care about the environment either. They’re nuts.
      Anyway – A great 2020 to you Jeff!! Happy New Year!!

      1. Seems one of the Trumpanzee’s favorite tactics out of their marching order list which includes Deflect, Deny, Degrade, Divert, Discredit, Defend, Delay, Discount, Deceive, Divide, and Destroy is Deflection.
        I notice that the many traits of the Trump administration such as racism, lying, cheating, dividing, stealing, philandering, and nepotism are deflected back from Trump supporters (and Trump himself) to the “opposition”. I have many friends and acquaintances who claim loyalty to both parties and as far as racism goes, I don’t think I am aware of even one liberal racist, but I know of many conservative racists. They will always retaliate with “well, the KKK was started by the Democrats” not being aware (or totally denying) that the founding group was actually the “Dixiecrats” who had all migrated over to the Republican party by the late ’60s. Actually both parties began to swap platforms in the late ’30s.

      2. Hi Bill – A Happy New Year to you!!
        Yes – unfortunately these populists reinforce all those negative characteristics in their followers. Racism and hatred has been on the rise. It is OK to lie, cheat and be unpleasant. It has been normalised!!
        What a nasty world they are after building. Seemingly everything is about profit. The environment and compassion can go hang.
        I’m hoping next year is the year of the fight-back and decency wins and we can start getting back to normal.

  24. “France is a great place. The food, the freedom, art, wine, fashion and people. I love it there.”

    I can’t argue with you there, except, maybe, for the “freedom” bit. I lived there for a couple of years and worked for a French company for 35, often visiting the place. The French are sticklers for writing rules for others to follow. They think they are above the rules that they write for everyone else. That goes for my former employers as well as the EU

    “I think you’re much too into conspiracy theories. Bojo isn’t capable. He’s a buffoon like Trump.”

    I think that I am objective. I see the results. He out-smarted a lot of folks. He’s no dummy. If he gets Brexit done, then he will have fulfilled his mission.

    “Never mind. People will wake up one day.”

    Looks like the Brits and Yanks arose from their slumber to defeat the globalists. I used to count myself among the globalists until I saw their evilness.

    It’s amazing that most of us see the world going to hell in a handbasket for diametrically opposed reasons. The globalists had their crack at it and pretty well screwed up China, the EU, and the US. Thankfully, Trump turned around the US. Everything seems to be going in the right direction even as the globalists wish for doom and gloom.

    “Happy New Year Leroy!!”

    And, a Happy New Year to you Opher! We’ll continue to agree to disagree…lol.

    1. I’m surprised ol Leroy isn’t diabetic from swilling all that Trumpy kool aid. Of course. like most Trumpy types, and as Bill H noted, it’s deflect, deflect, deflect and just lie. MAGA should really be MRGA. You know, Make Russia Great Again. Gee, Leroy, aren’t you yearning to get the US into the Russian Federation? Trump is bound to kill democracy of any kind here in the States, and you back him. Of course, with election assets like you Think you’ve ruled yourself out as a patriot. And I MUST be one of them thar globalists, right? Still a minor election official, Leroy? Can’t wait to ballot tamper, right?

      1. Deflect, ignore and condone. For some reason they seem to think that Trumps blatant lying, cheating and law-breaking are appealing traits – just the things everybody does. They see it as some kind of honesty. Weird eh? Dishonesty is now honesty! Denial is truth!

  25. I’m still trying to figure out how Trump took the Republicans from “Let’s bomb the Red Menace Pinko Commie Bastards!!” to totally condoning Trump’s cuddling up to Russia and allowing Putin to call the shots.
    Imagine if Obama had a few clandestine secret phone calls with Putin! Trumpanzees would be ripping their hair out!
    Maybe because the Trumpies are horny for all of those Russian chicks that look better than the fat bleached blonde beer guzzlin mamas they are used to running with?

    1. It boggles me Bill. Nobody else would get away with half of what he does. Despite all his abuse of women the evangelicals go crazy for him. They don’t mind his tax scams either. It is almost as if they expect it of him so make allowances. I can just imagine their reaction if Clinton or Obama had called on foreign powers, rivals, to break into democratic computers or dig the dirt on rivals. That’s no different to what Nixon did with Watergate – even worse! He did it in the election campaign – openly calling on Russia to break into Democrat computers and get the emails. He did it with Ukraine and Biden. He doesn’t even seem to realise it’s illegal!!

    2. Former Rs, now Ts would blow themselves up if Obama had little private meetings with Vlad, but now love both Vlad and Russia as the magical place of Xtianity and white people, lonGing for the monotoned skin color, as well as place of good looking Russian pro women that are stark contrast to the beer guzzling bleached blondes they got divorces from and owe alimony to. Best place to find those women is any strip joint in Alaska. LOL Lst I read, Russian kids still want to grow up and boys want to be “gangsters” and girls “prostitutes.” What a wonderful country with so many choices, Russia.

      1. Yes it is incredible. If Obama had behaved in anything like Trump they would have gone berserk. Just imagine if Obama had been playing around with porn stars!! Having private meetings with Putin!!! Grabbing women’s pussys. Sacking his staff every other week!! Avoiding declaring his tax!! Preventing people testifying against him!! Hiding up his business operations!! Putting his family in key high positions!! Using his own hotels for diplomatic meetings!! Giving huge tax breaks to himself and his friends!! It’s a litany of corruption, greed and nepotism. Yet many people still think this incompetent twat represents them!! Incredible.

  26. Jeff, it’s all about projection for you liberals…lol. Accuse others of what you guys do.

    For a learned guy, you don’t have much of a sense of humor, Opher. Either that or you can’t recognize sarcasm. If Mueller and his team of lynching Democrats couldn’t find anything, believe me, there was never anything there.

    One thing that amazes me still is that the main scream media are wrong so often and the conservative media are generally accurate, yet you guys cling to your liberal echo chambers. You guys laughed at Nunes. He’s been dead on.

    You guys must be disappointed with the lack of choice for the Democratic nomination. Nothing but old white folks, except for Buttigieg, of course. Your ideal candidate would be an illegal Muslim black transgender female atheist fascist with no idea about how to lead a country, just because…

    1. Hi Leroy – yeah – I’ve got a sense of humour – though it’s hard to determine things like sarcasm in cold print – best done over a beer or two!
      I reckon there’s lots still to come out about Trump, his tax evasion and dirty dealing. He’s corrupt and unscrupulous. The main problem with him is that all he sees is money and power. He does care about the impact on the environment or people. But the important things in life are not making profit – they are health and nature. If you relax laws so that companies can pollute, destroy nature and cut health and safety with impunity, the companies can make more profit but there’s a big cost. That cost becomes apparent further down the line. It is measured in environmental degradation, pollution, health issues and deaths. That will become apparent later. We see the same thing with China, air quality, polluted rivers, people working long hours for low pay in terrible conditions – and many new billionaires.
      I am disappointed with Democrat candidates. I don’t see anyone charismatic who stands out. I wish Michelle Obama was standing.
      I want a candidate who will care about the environment, care about people, create a fairer, more equal society, tax the super-rich, and create a stable world with sound global policies.
      This numbskull has been cosying up to Putin, Kim and Israel, dumping his allies, causing ructions with Iran, Korea, China and Syria and is neither coherent nor stable. He’s a loose cannon. Nobody can predict what he’s going to do and he’s inconsistent and vacillates. He’s out of his depth, floundering.

  27. Of course ol Leroy claims “it’s all projection,” but doesn’t say what is being projected. Of course, Leroy is somewhat embarassed to admit his wife is of color, when he talks and walks his white only world, but claims “he cares,” but never says a word indicating it. But he’s committed a T party crime, calling the orange guppy out of water a “numskull.” Just a minute, Leroy, ol Trumpy tells people he’s so intellectually superior. Riiiight. Now your white house lap dog, to deflect attention away from IMPEACHMENT, and try one more time to show “how tough he is,” LOL wants a WAR. Then anyone that isn’t singing how they love Trump will not be “supporting the troops.” Rigged many absentee ballots for the chief yet, Leroy? Gee, you’ve not called yourself a patriot, either. Lagging?

  28. And how come you aren’t praising orange garbage for aceing the Iranian general. Must have gotten his info from all the “angry democrats” in the intel community, huh? And I was wrong, opher called orangy a numskull, not you. You’ve been absolved of your crime against Trumpism, but remain a typical rightist hypocrite.

  29. Wowser, how wrong I’ve been!! Orangy is starting a war is obviously a real hero, now he’s beyond criticism or Impeachment. USA, USA, USA. We’ll need Trumpy to lead us in war, and anyone not liking it hates the troops and must be a goddamn commie. Already the news media is folding for this one, so I thought I’D better lineup with the only true leader and greatest president EVER. I wonder how the Trumpists will feel as their sons rush into the Army to die for Trump’s reelection. Oh wait, Trumpy only likes live soldiers, but will allow them to die in battle for him, “the Chosen one.” Same old crap, orange day.

    1. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn nuclear! This is the same stunt that Thatcher pulled to get re-elected – backfired on Blair though!!
      It seems to me that these Trumpists are all gung-ho when it comes to blowing people up at a distance. When the terrorism fallout lands on their doorstep they get a bit leery. Seems most of them are too afraid to go abroad – it’s too scary! They don’t even own passports.
      Every time there is a terrorist bomb goes off they cancel their holidays.
      We’ll see how much they’ll like the body bags!!

      1. No worries. We made sure to crap at Europe’s backdoor. We just stir stuff up and let you guys handle the aftermath. Europe is better at appeasement, so I am sure Europe will be ok.

      2. Hey Leroy – I guess having your cities flattened and burnt down repeatedly gives you a different mentality. Perhaps it Washington, New York and San Francisco had been blitzed to the ground the US might not be so gung-ho about starting wars they can’t finish. They haven’t won one yet have they?

  30. Note: Iran abandons nuclear deal in wake of Soleimani assassination (Haaretz today).
    So who decided on that action? Surely not Trump – he’d probably never heard of Soleimani the day before? Who persuaded him to sign it off? Netanyahu?
    Probably that ole ‘Military-Industrial complex’ Eisenhower warned of.
    May have got rid of a nasty piece of work but all it proves is that the US is not a democracy – hardly any more than Iran.

      1. I suspect you will get your wish before the end of the century. I just hope I am not around for the new caliphate.

      2. Leroy – these silly scare stories about Muslim take-overs are a bit passé. They are a political tool used by populists to whip up fear and hysteria.

    1. 57 million slightly outweighs 3 million!
      7.5 million black people in the UK. Are they taking over?
      Or maybe the 40 million blacks in the USA?
      Or the 37 million Hispanics in the USA?
      We could have this hysteria about race and religion or we can start seeing people as people and begin to work to get along, integrate and put an end to this fear, division and hate. My Muslim friends do not seem intent on taking over the country. Neither do my Jewish or black friends.
      Leroy – you’re being conned.

    2. 3 million what? Dollars? “good white people?” Just what Trump boy Leroy? Don’t have a copy of today’s Trumpist “talking points,” so don’t know. Are you through shaking over the recent Muslim threats? LOL And readied your kid to go off and make the world safe for “good white people?” And as I understand it, these days your kid, not being white as a KKK member’s sheet, he’ll be put on point to catch the full blast of an IED or hit by a sniper. You “good white people” should all be moved to a place you’ll understand: Fantasy Island

  31. Yeah, true, opher. But that doesn’t stop brave Trumpists like Leroy and Co, fearful of “them” from running in very small circles, crying in abject fear Cessnas will start diving into their minivans, wild-eyed Muslims at the stick being their final vision. That’s worst than hispanic invasions!! This whole Iranian General “imminent threat” was just another divert and distract from Impeachment. There was no threat and how do we know. After three years of nothing but lies and more lies about the lies. Final Cut time, folks.mdid, Did y’all really believe my conversion to Trumpism? LOL

    1. Jeff – you could never be a Trumpist in a million years. I think the terrorists actually won. They have created such hysteria that the US is running around like a headless chicken. Everything up until 9/11 was calm and positive. Now we’ve had wars, Brexit, Trump, division, hate and mayhem. We’ve succeeded in radicalising the Middle-East, radicalising moderate Muslims and stirring up hornets nest after hornets nest. Just what those evil fuckers wanted.
      The only certainty is that a lot of those populist leaders, like Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson, and the wealthy puppet masters in the background, will make one hell of a lot of money out of it!

  32. Will totally agree on the “Terrorists won,” even back on 9/11. They always do. The irrational fear of muslims, a result of 9/11 even made Americans quit playing baseball fer gawdsake. My reaction to 9/11 was a desire to fly in a jetliner, go up a 37 story building and attend a ballgame. No fear. Ol Geo Bush “was afraid” muslims would fly something into a ballpark before the 7th inning. And fear always feeds their (Trump, Johnson and their nazi pez-dispenser buddies) power grabs. Trump got his deflection and distraction. Hmmm. Guess I wasn’t “earnest enough” changing to a Trumpist. My wife keeps asking when we are going back to Italy and stay on there. Perhaps sooner rather than later. This nation is DOA. Geezus, I can hear Leroy quaking in his boots all the way on this coast from his. LOL

    1. It’s scary how quickly things fall apart. It’s like there’s not much holding them together. The USA, with all those guns, is a scary place – and their frightened of terrorists? They’re worse than terrorists!

  33. During Obama’s second campaign, Trump warned that Obama would start a war in Iran to insure his re-election.
    Seems he’s trying the same scheme, obviously to distract from his impeachment.
    This guy will do anything, even threaten the lives of both US servicemen and citizens to try and get re-elected because he knows his base will support war when he tells them to and detest war when he tells them to.
    It’s way past time for Article 25. This wanna-be Hitler has to go!

      1. You got to remember PT Barnum’s “There’s aoff sucker (a Trumpist) born every minute.” Leroy hasn’t mentioned if his son is of draft age so his son can go off and fight those evil, nasty, Muslim Iranians for ‘murrica.” Hope his son doesn’t meet an IED. It will be hoards of “patriotic” stupid Trumpist kids dying there for King Donnie, but King Donnie won’t be impeached, so there will be plenty of “the right judges,” and abortion outlawed. thanks from an ungrateful nation. I’m sure King Donnie will have all the dead in his thoughts and prayers Bah, humbug.

      2. It is amazing how attitudes change when the body bags pile up and the kids come back fucked up. It’s all gung-ho one minute and ‘get out’ the next.

  34. Gee, ol Leroy hasn’t come back and told us how his son wants to join up to fight those heathen dogs, the Iranians. How come? Once again, after opioid drug use, underemployment and socio-economic poverty, I hope the unwashed Trumpists offer up their kids to the armed forces. Better that than the same kids being peddled at the Motel Six, to support mom, dad’s and their heroin habit. Wow. Talk about “being f**ked,” eh? But blaming migrants feels so good, they can postpone shooting up for a couple of minutes.

      1. It will be interesting to observe that since Trump campaigned on a “I’ll never start a war” platform, if his Minions now shift their views to “War is cool” view.
        I suspect that will be the case.

      2. Perhaps, but then as opposed to a low profile, it’s just cowardice and is afraid to speak up, knowing he won’t find much support here. If not his kid, then why other people’s kids to play “patriot games” and die for the effort.

  35. Probably just as well, ol Leroy doesn’t drop by with more “droppings.” Must be kinda hard having to make or swallow lies every day. Orangy can’t be honest about anything. He’s just another worthless-ass real estate developer, who live on lies and ego as a general rule. But “he’ll drain the swamp.” Really? Seems Munchkin on down is all swamp. But Trumpist lackies love Orangy’s swamp critters. Ol Leroy is pining or more Benghazi hearings or action against Obama. Gee, how “forward looking.” Fools!! Yeah all us “angry democrats just want Trump outta the way and Hillary appointed president. Yeah, that’s it!!

  36. Trump is starting to look brilliant. Is it just dumb luck or is he that good? Time will tell. We got rid of a serious badarse in the Middle East with little of no consequences. It’s starting to appear that Suleimani was getting too big for his britches and we did the Iranians a favor. Too early to tell, but it looks like everything is moving in the right direction, much to Jeff’s disappointment. Unlike his predecessors, he hasn’t started a war yet. He should be up for the Nobel Peace Prize some day.

    Jeff>>Leroy hasn’t mentioned if his son is of draft age so his son can go off and fight those evil, nasty, Muslim Iranians for ‘murrica.”

    As far as I know, they still aren’t accepting 5-year-olds.

    Opher>>I don’t think Leroy drops by that often.

    I have to drop by now and then to keep you guys grounded. You may always be wrong, but it is good to see what is on your minds. Every now and again, we find common agreement. Guess I better go bother Lynn for a while.

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