Poetry – You’re welcome to it!

You’re welcome to it!


Welcome to the world of lying,

To intrigue and plotting.

Welcome to the world of penthouses,

Lavish clothes and yachting.

Welcome to the realm of wealthy,

Politicians in their pockets.

Welcome to diplomacy, threats

Nuclear innuendo and rockets.

Welcome to division, walls and nationalism

To the hysteria of hate.

Welcome to uncertainty and fear,

Where sense will have to wait.

We’ll have to say goodbye

To love, unity and peace.

There’s profit to be made

Tax to be avoided

And wealth to increase!


Opher – 5.1.2020



What a world we live in – ruled by the greedy, selfish and belligerent. A worse bunch of psychopaths could not be imagined – and we the people voted for them!

The sociopaths and psychopaths rise to the top because they have no compassion or empathy. They do as they please. They appear strong. They say all the right things. They come across as leaders. They are black and white. But really they are cynical and selfish.

But we keep appointing them, electing them and forgiving them.

You’re welcome to them!