Don’t Get Paid For Caring


Don’t Get Paid For Caring

You don’t get paid for caring

                Or helping anyone,

Only for profiteering,

                Being greedy and having fun.

We’re all in it together

                Was their clarion call.

But the cheating bastards

                Went and took it all!

‘Millions for me

                Nothing for you.

Do what you’re told!

                We tell you what to do!’

‘We take the money.

                You do the work.

So get stuck in

                You’d better not shirk!’

‘As for the unions

                Robbing us blind!

We’ll lock them all up!

                We know their kind!’

‘Trouble-making rebel-rousers

                Who don’t know their place!

Wanting a share of the loot

                It’s a bloody disgrace!’

‘If you’re not making money

                There’s no place for you!

You have to be rich

                To dine with the few!’

We can’t waste our stash

                On parasitic scum

Wasting their time

Caring for everyone!’

We’re the winners

                In this pageant of life.

No place for losers

                Just ask my wife!

The workers and shirkers

                Who expect to be paid.

Should do it for nothing

                Like my Philippine maid.

They’re robbing my profits

                With their pathetic moans.

I need a new yacht.

They can chew on dry bones.

We’re all in it together

                Was their clarion call.

But the cheating bastards

                Went and took it all!

Opher 15.12.2022

If you’re a public servant or down on your luck you’re a parasite!

Who needs the NHS or State schools when you can go private?

We can give out £29 million to peeress Mone. That’s what she deserves. A few thousand for a nurse? You must be kidding. The country can’t afford that.

We can afford to given bankers their bonuses and bail out the banks. We can afford not to block tax loopholes for the wealthy. It’s fine to give Hancock’s landlord a multimillion contract or lose £60 billion on Brexit. We can afford to pay Dido Harding a fortune and splash £37 billion on a track and trace system that doesn’t work but give the teachers what they deserve – never!

It’s fine for Boris Johnson to earn £1 million for a few hours of work, for four speeches. It’s fine for David Cameron to be raking in £6 million a year to lobby Tories. They deserve it. But give posties and bin workers, paramedics, railworkers and porters, border staff and lecturers a living wage – you must be joking! The country can’t afford that!

It’s cheaper to change the union laws and clamp down on strikes, to bring in the army and lock up protestors. That’s the Tory way!

Once one wants fair pay they’ll all be wanting it! How can the likes of Rees-Mogg making his multimillions then?