Anecdote – Worse is often better!


Worse is often better!

There is more to something than how technically good it is. Sometimes worse is better.

Ginger Baker was scathing about Hendrix’s drummer Mitch Mitchell and even the Who’s Keith Moon. But I cannot imagine the Experience or Who sounding better. Both Keith and Mitch provided excitement. I think Hendrix was always great when he had some passion behind him and Noel and Mitch provided that. The same is true of White Stripes. Meg isn’t the best drummer in the world but she created exactly the right raw backing.

Looking back over Rock Music I think it’s safe to say that many great moments have sprung from the loins of musical mediocrity while much boring tripe has been spawned from technical genius.

I think it’s safe to say that the Kingsmen were not in the musical elite but their version of Louie Louie was the best. The Sonics – Five Great guys – three great chords summed it up. Some of my favourite Punk is pretty basic.

Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band are the best band to come out of Rock Music because, despite the intricacy and sophistication of the songs, they still manage to capture that power and drive. The complexity does not detract.

I like a range of Rock Music. I like loud, raw and exciting and I like melodic, gentle and thoughtful. I like music that says some and music that is visceral. Roy Harper appeals to me because the lyrics are so poetic, forceful and pertinent and the music is brilliant too. He has power and intensity and is capable of sophistication and complexity without inducing catatonia.

It depends on mood.

If you want music that is brilliant technically you head for Classical or Jazz. Me – I like to Rock!