Poetry – I write letters – the wonders of consciousness and writing


I write letters

There are wondrous processes at work that are so complex.


I often wonder what my thoughts would be if nobody had invented language, if they were left to be more abstract?

I wonder what a mind can think if it was cut off from the world?

I wonder if I think in words?

What are my thoughts, feelings and ideas?

I take a thought and reduce it into words. Each one of those words has a different meaning, nuance, feel and picture to you.

We communicate.

But how good is our communication?

I write letters into words and words into sentences and paragraphs. Each word is merely a symbol we have learnt. But can I really communicate the extent of what is in my head no matter how hard I try, how good I am with words?

Perhaps I am really only writing letters?


I write letters


I write letters.

I push the key and they appear

By magic on my screen.

I arrange them

In my thoughts,

In patterns I have learned;

In words.

And those words appear

Like magic

In my mind.

Each one a thought, an idea

A meaning.


Somewhere in my head

I find the feelings, dreams and thoughts

And reduce them into words.

I put the words on my screen

For you to read

In the hopes

That they explode

Inside your head

Into the same feelings, dreams and thoughts

That were in mine.


It is a vain hope.

So I spend my time


Writing letters.


Opher 18.4.2016