Women’s Day – Celebration of the bravery of Malala Yousafzai.


It takes courage to stand up against tyranny, oppression and threats but that’s what this young girl did. She refused to be bullied.

As a twelve year-old Malala campaigned for the right for girls to be educated. That is a basic human right and one that in the 21st century one would imagine would not be contentious. In Pakistan it was contentious enough to warrant death threats, threats of rape and threats to her family.

The Taliban had already blown up over a hundred girls’ schools.

Malala was not cowed by these threats and continued to campaign.

She was shot at point blank range in the head. One bullet hit her in the forehead. She was flown to England for treatment and made a full recovery.

The Taliban called for all Muslims to take up arms and kill her and her father. Asking for female education warrants a death sentence.

Malala is made of stern stuff and brushed off the death threats and continued to campaign. Her cause was taken up by Gordon Brown who, on her behalf, put forward a UN petition to the effect that all people in the world had the right to be educated. It led to Pakistan producing an ‘education for all’ law.

Malala was awarded the Nobel peace prize.

We need more like Malala who are prepared to stand up to inequality and bullying.

Help build a better world with a positive Zeitgeist.

Well done Malala – we are all with you!


International Women’s Day!!! There’s still a lot that needs doing!

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Until such time as gender, ethnicity and creed are of no more significance than the colour of a person’s eyes there is a war.

Until women hold fifty percent of the positions of power in society (in politics, boardrooms and institutions) there is a battle to be fought.

Until the obstacles are removed that prevent women from pursuing careers to achieve the highest positions there are human rights to be battled over. It is surely not inconceivable for society to create a system where child-care is a right and not an expense; where women do not have to sacrifice their careers in order to raise their families.

Until women around the world are given equal status with men there needs to be a revolution.

It is not acceptable in the 21st century for women to be:

  • second class citizens
  • given trivial mundane tasks and work
  • kept in the home
  • prevented from voting or standing for office
  • denied an education
  • genitally mutilated
  • subservient to men
  • paid at a different level
  • prevented from driving
  • oppressed
  • beaten and raped
  • not given a voice
  • forced to subscribe to a strict dress code
  • given different rules to live by
  • subjected to different standards in the workplace or society
  • given different standards of justice
  • threatened, abused and humiliated
  • attacked
  • segregated
  • subjected to sexist humour or put-downs
  • excluded from societies, functions or clubs
  • prevented from fully participating in all areas of society

Women need to be empowered and given full rights. They need equality.

So ladies – it is time to throw away your Barbie dolls, get your daughters out of their fairy-princess costumes and thinking about how they become company directors, prime ministers and scientists.

It’s time to fight for equality and make the world a better place.

Feed the positive zeitgeist – Power to women!!!

A fight for equality is a fight for everyone!