Why I’m Woke and Proud!!

What is Woke Culture?

It comes from American slang:

Alert to injustice in society, especially racism. “we need to stay angry, and stay woke

Well I’m totally opposed to racism!

I’m also totally opposed to injustice in our society. I stand for equality, a level playing field and freedom.

I can see that our system is unjust. It rewards a small minority out of all proportion and punishes a large majority for no fault of their own. I believe that needs addressing.

If you are slaving just to exist and have no money you cannot access the same privileges as others.

There is one rule for one and one rule for another!

This applies to the justice system, education, work and most other areas of society.

I want a playing field that is much more level!

I WOKE to this gross injustice long ago.

I can see why the Tories take such an intense dislike of the Woke Movement. They stand for injustice and inequality. They set up the system that favours them! The last thing they want is equality and justice. You just have to look at the absurd massive contracts given out to cronies to see that!

They use the media to vilify the idea of Woke, to belittle it.

Tories think they are an elite that is above the law and entitled to privilege. That’s why they stink!!