The War Against the Invasion of Immigrants!

Once Britain was a refuge, a place of safety and caring. But that was before Braverman’s family sought refuge here. Now, it seems we’re at war with the terrified and desperate. Now they are portrayed as a bunch of young men who just want to come here to scrounge. They have to be repelled.

What’s this about?

It’s all about votes.

Little Englanders don’t like foreigners. That’s why they voted Brexit. There are votes to be made out of stopping these incursions.They’ve looked at the algorithms. They think we will go for this. They are desperate.

If this fails then perhaps we can resort to putting up gibbets around the coast and hanging up dead bodies of immigrants like farmers do with crows?

We can’t allow unlimited or illegal immigration, but surely, there has to be a better, more humane way of dealing with this?