The Worth of a Person!

So the representatives of all aspects of society met to sort the worth of a person. They looked at a young person in their mid twenties.

This is what they decided:

They decided that a nurse you unstintingly cared for the sick and dying, whose skills saved lives, who had to deal with the trauma of death on a regular basis, was worth a £1,000,000 an hour.

They decided that a firefighter who bravely walked into walls of fire, risking their own lives to save the lives of young children, was worth a £1,000,000 an hour.

They decided that the dedicated teacher who changed the lives of children, gave them a future and produced a highly educated generation who raised the wealth and well-being of the whole nation was worth a £1,000,000 an hour.

They decided that the dedicated surgeon who operated on brains, hearts and organs, who saved lives and improved lives, was worth a £1,000,000 an hour.

They decided that the soldier who risked their life to keep us safe, facing death or being maimed from bomb and bullet, who suffered PTS, was worth a £1,000,000 an hour.

They decided that the social worker who had to deal with the worst families, the drug abuse, poverty, alcoholism and child abuse, who rescued babies from a life of misery, was worth a £1,000,000 an hour.

The decided that the policeperson who had to fight with drunks, with armed thugs, with violent gangs, and vicious criminals, who faced violence daily, was worth a £1,000,000 an hour.

They decided that the miner who fearlessly went down into the depths of the earth braving rockfalls, pockets of gas and frightening conditions, was worth a £1,000,000 an hour.

They thought that the politician who resisted corruption, always spoke the truth and used their skills wisely to guide the country towards prosperity and safety, was worth a £1,000,000 an hour.

Oh no – I seem to have misremembered. It was that guy who kicked a ball around twice a week, the one who plays football, Paul Pogba. He was the one worth a £1,000,000 an hour. He deserved £365,000,000 a week – oh – and a tax scheme to stash it all away so that he paid less tax than all the people above. Those other people were ten a penny. They only deserved as little as you could get away paying them.

Thank heavens society has got its values right!!