The Corona Diaries Day 764

It’s been noticeably cooler today with a cloudy start and I’ve been really pissed off all day. I didn’t even go for a walk. First we have this change to British Summer Time – and they nick an hour off you. It always plays havoc with my biological clock. It’s like jet lag without the fun of going anywhere. It always takes me days to adjust. Self-imposed stupidity.

Why do we do these silly things?

Then there is the case of my emails!

Modern technology – great when it works and really a pain the arse when it doesn’t.

I’ve spent hours today trying to find a way to get back into my emails – without any success.

I received an email a number of days back telling me that there was suspicious activity. Some Egyptians were trying to get into my account. they wanted me to verify my account. I ignored it. I thought it was a phishing scam. Then I found myself blocked and could not access my emails. I had to verify my account. No problem I thought. How wrong can you be. It’s impossible.

You have to give loads of personal details and they want you to put down all the emails you’ve sent, the email addresses and subject. Who the hell remembers all that? I don’t write out or store other peoples’ email. My computer stores them. I can’t remember exactly what I put as the subject on emails I sent days before. So I’ve spent a few hours trying. You’re only allowed 2 attempts a day!!

It’s fifty times easier to access my bloody bank account!!!

There is nobody you can contact!! There are no operational phone links or internet links with a human!! It’s not good for my blood pressure.

Just to add to the annoyance I keep getting this infuriating pop-up from McAfee trying to sell me their antivirus product and telling me my computer is riddled with viruses. The main fucking virus is their sodding pop-up!

So I’ve been trying to forget by reading some Jasper Fforde (First Among Sequels) and playing some Dylan. It’s not working!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, we still have a stupid dolt of a scarecrow masquerading as a PM and Putin continues to threaten a World War and flatten Ukraine! Makes my problems look a trifling small!

So in the Big Dog Turd operation, where stats are guesswork now, the cases of coronavirus are surging -0 another 77,673 new cases yesterday (a pinch of salt) with 172 more deaths and a rising hospital rate which they are not telling us about. All data is being suppressed along with testing. The pandemic is over!!

Die quietly – order of the Big Dog Turd!!

Propaganda is as bad as Russia!

Stay safe!!