The Corona Diaries – Day 413

The temperature is definitely higher! But it is a strange day – lots of showers and sunshine. I took a walk around the village and have been playing Bob Dylan.

This lunchtime we had friends round for lunch and a pleasant sit and talk in the garden. We did get rained on though! Not to worry – my skin’s waterproof. We lamented the performance of Labour, the gullibility of the public and the trend towards increasing ignorance.

We live in strange times. The world is full of trivia, stupidity and no real connection with reality. We are increasing ruled by prejudice and propaganda.

What next?

Meanwhile, in Coronaland the Labour Party seems to have totally lost its way.

They are looking towards what the electorate want. It should be nothing to do with what the electorate want. It should be about principles. These are the principles we hold to be true. If you agree vote for us. If you don’t vote for someone else.

No wonder the electorate find them patronising. It’s surely about what you believe in – not what is popular.

Here in the UK there were only 2 deaths and the new cases are down to 1,770. It’s all heading in the right direction!! In a few days times we can invite people in and actually hug!

Is this the reason Boris Johnson is so popular? Have everybody forgotten the incompetence that led to 128,000 deaths? Does the cronyism and corruption count for nothing? Is nobody bothered by the lies?

I despair at the lowering of standards. There’s a different set of rules for people like Johnson and Trump. They are excused the normal standards.

The reason Johnson can’t manage on £200,000 a year is because he has to support his kids going through education – and they can’t be expected to attend ordinary schools like the rest of us! Stinks to me!

So hug away and get all your friends and relatives round and thank Boris for it all – why don’t you?? I’ll tell you why – he’s an inept fool who hasn’t got a clue, who’s killed 128,000 and hit lucky with the vaccine.

Meanwhile, in the background, unmentioned, Brexit is playing havoc with jobs and is busy blighting the future.

I’m sick of it – off for a walk!!

Stay safe!!